Jimmy Phony Fallon

Get ready for the most insincere garbage you’ve seen in awhile, from fake ass Jimmy Fallon. WAIT TILL THE END WHEN HE APOLOGIZES FOR BEING WHITE. This is so phony it’s Major Cringe. MAJOR. You see how we’re all being played? This is some seriously inauthentic garbage. If what he’s saying was how he really […]

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The Bill Gates Method

Remember the Time when China knew the coronavirus was transmissible from human-to-human in December 2019 but kept silent about it – with the WHO chiming in at the end of January also saying it was not transmissible human-to-human (& somehow that’s Trump’s fault in the mind of the simpleton) & allowed thousands upon thousands of […]

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So This Just Happened

The largest virtual conference on Human Rights with regards to coronavirus & how it’s being used as a weapon to control us. Weird how I didn’t hear a peep about this from the MSM .. DID YOU? April 13-14th #COVIDCon

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