Preying on Your Fear

We’ve been led astray. But it’s okay.Cuz we’re waking up now. And the world that opens up to you when you let the old one go holds a beauty & a love so unbelievably profound it’ll make you bawl your eyes out with such incredible JOY. Come on over to the other side – it’s […]

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$997 BILLION dollars! Omfg.

OMFG😯 YOU SITTING DOWN⁉️ 👉$997 BILLION dollars. NINE-HUNDRED & NINETY-SEVEN BILLION. 👉The amount of corporate fraud in #US alone (that they know about!) in 2010 – 10 yrs ago!! “How To Spot A Liar.” 👉I keep saying -> The entire system & pretty much every politician is a corrupt motherfucker!! 👉My God we could’ve solved […]

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