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Five Reasons You Should Blog

  1. As therapy, to help you deal, heal, & move on
  2. To ease anxiety & stress, as it helps you process & put to rest, getting closure
  3. To make new friends, connect with like-minded, like-hearted, & like-souled people
  4. To keep a colorful, ‘artsy‘ record of your growth, your spiritual evolution
  5. You have a story to tell & you want to help others
  1. Run to the pain.’ Not away. To it. So many people avoid it – cuz it hurts – essentially keeping it around indefinitely – until they deal, heal, & move on.
  2. Get it out of your head. I’ve had words swim around in my head, posts & blogs practically writing themselves up there while doing other things, until I finally went to the computer, & just let it spill out of me. They stop swimming after that 😉
  3. Let’s face it, as we get older, making new friends isn’t the easiest thing to do. In blogging communities, it’s easy to find people on the same wavelength & connect.
  4. I love to look back & see how much I’ve grown – I’ve come so far – I see it clearly through my blogs, art, posts, from what I write to the way I write. It’s like an online scrapbook 😉
  5. Telling stories is fun, & helping people feels really good. You never know who’s reading & who you may have inspired today!

So blog on peeps! The world is waiting!

Blogging for Business


Unleash Your Creative Side


Of course you do – we all do; in our own versions of expression 😊 Tap into your creative side – you never know what you could or are meant to create 😉

Stop telling yourself you can’t. 

Try telling yourself you can. 


For $20, your local dollar store can get you started: a few brushes, canvases, & some paints .. all you really need is yellow, red & blue (you can mix the others from these) & maybe black & white, & just see what happens.

Like life, art really is about the journey, not the destination. Don’t think about creating a masterpiece – not the point. In art, like life, let all expectations go.


Best thing I ever did; I have so much fun as the possibilities are endless. I’ve been all over the place trying to find my style loll You have to try different things to find yours & what you’re drawn to. There are as many different styles & techniques as there are artists as you will see with the incredible variety of youtube vids.


It really keeps you in the now, turning off the many trains of thought that are often rolling on those many tracks in an anxious or ptsd mind .. what helped me a lot was realizing that anxiety is worrying about things that haven’t happened yet (the future) & depression is worrying about things that you cannot change (the past) – both are not staying in the now.


P.S. The easel, & sitting at one, are just not for me. This was at my school’s studio – I don’t have an easel in my home studio, it hurts my back after just a few minutes. I prefer sitting on the ground with my canvas on my lap, or with it flat on the ground. Find what works for you. If you fall in love with it as I did, it won’t be long ’til you start envisioning pieces you can do with the colors in your own home, & create custom pieces for yourself. Who knows you may just start getting some special requests from friends who like your work & you might see yourself doing this as a sideline or even full-time!

5 Rituals To Get Centered & Unlock Your Creative Side image

6 Ways to Tap Into Your Creative Self

The world is your oyster. Creating something out of nothing, yourself, for yourself, that you see everyday in your home, brings you great satisfaction that you wouldn’t otherwise get from just purchasing something random at the store 😉



Feel a Little Silly, Talkin’ To Nobody: The First Podcast

Takin’ my babblin’ to the airwaves .. or is it PodWaves? The first one is often awkward, according to many helpful blog posts .. as you’re essentially talkin’ to …. no one loll

When you’ve got a lot to say, podcasts feel like the natural next step 🙂 Looking forward to collaborating & chatting with other storytellers live!—–Intro-Podcast-e1qd2g


Fleetwood Mac

Favorite band of all time?

Yeah pretty much!
I love Fleetwood Mac 😍

When most of the bands you love are from the 60s n 70s, getting to see them live is not always a possibility, as some broke up (or moved on to the next world) – but I thank my lucky stars when Christine, after 15 years, came back to join the band 2 yrs ago. To see the original members back together was something else! I flew to Toronto for the weekend, no Montreal show – but upon my return they added Montreal to the tour so I saw them twice!!
They rocked my world 😍
I love you Stevie Nicks – You are my favorite woman in the world! Mick Fleetwood I’m reading your book “Play On”; wild is an understatement😚
Lindsey Buckingham, John McVie, Christine McVie Together the 5 of you have a magic that cannot be explained – or contained! What the five of you came together to create is absolutely legendary 😍 THANK YOU.

🌞 Sunshine Blogger Award 🌞

The Sunshine Blogger Award is peer recognition for bloggers that inspire positivity & joy. The award is given to bloggers by other bloggers who are creative, positive, & inspiring. 

1)Thank who nominated you 2)Share 10 things about you 3)Nominate who inspires you


Much Love & Gratitude to one of my favorite bloggers here, The Blooming Scribe. Thanks for the nod! Check out his blog, you won’t be disappointed! As is the tradition for this award, here are 11 random facts about me:

  • I love peanuts! Cannot stand peanut butter!
  • First concert, Honeymoon Suite, Toronto, at 13 #StayInTheLight
  • I’ve skydived 6 times #SkydivingForLife
  • Met/hung out w/ Antonio Sabato Jr, ’98, when working at Club Med Turks & Caicos
  • In 1989, 4 of us saw NKOTB (New Kids on the Block) tix 10th row floor+room at their Four Season’s hotel (.. tbc in another blog ..)
  • I was born with my right foot so twisted, they weren’t sure if I’d be able to walk
  • As a toddler I wore special shoes with a metal bar attached underneath to guide my foot into growing a certain way (it worked cuz I can walk!)
  • In grade school I wore a lift in my right shoe, I had a limp – 2″ diff/legs (Sigh.)
  • I got teased & bullied relentlessly (Relentlessly.)
  • At 10, had chunk of left tibia bone removed, I s/b 5’9/5’10 not 5’4 (dad is 6’0 & my bro is 6’2) They made me shorter! (It was that or a limp..)

If you could speak before thousands of people, what topic would you choose & why:


I’d talk about the importance of lifting people up. We must Empower, Inspire & Motivate. There’s way too much of the opposite, & the world is suffering. Everyone has a right to Life, to Freedom, To Peace. I take issue when someone stands in the way of this – especially when it’s for their own nefarious gains. This & similar peer given awards here on WordPress are in total sync with my message.

12) Name 2 people (living or dead) that have inspired you & why:

  • Ben Bradlee: “The man who took on the White House”
  • He was one of the few (last) authentic journalists with integrity
  • He wasn’t interested in being liked – he was searching for the truth.
  • Watch this great doc, his life & times at the Washington Post:
  • The Newspaperman: Life & Times of Ben Bradlee (2017)Trailer0
  • The Sunshine Makers: Tim Scully & Nick Sand, the unlikely duo at the heart of 1960s US drug counterculture; united in a utopian mission to save the planet through the consciousness-raising power of LSD; Orange Sunshine. What could go wrong?
  • A noble mission, to raise the consciousness of the planet;
  • Didn’t take long for the merchants of doubt to come out of the woodwork – as disinformation campaigns were launched & quickly began demonizing drugs – the same ones docs used to treat people
  • The last thing gov’t wants is a planet full of people they can’t control! 
  • Awakened, enlightened beings, expanding our consciousness – can’t control us.
  • Big reason why these tools have been made illegal in the first place.


I would like to nominate the following bloggers, who use their experiences, lessons learned & acquired wisdom to help others along their path. I chose blogs that really inspire me with their honest & loving desire, intent & action to Empower, Motivate & Inspire – but that I haven’t yet gotten to know very well. I’d like to 🙂

Much Love to you all & thank you for what you do. You are an Inspiration xo


Mr. Val Patterson

Mr. Val Patterson’s life motto was, as he wrote in his own obituary:

“Anything for a laugh.”

Mr ValP 2018-07-08 02-24-23.png

At first, his obit starts off rather typically, listing what he enjoyed most in life. But the laugh comes in when he simply can’t keep the good guy act up anymore. As he went to his grave, he found the deep need to confess his life’s crimes. Patterson was a downright thief, on multiple counts. Only his ploys weren’t all about diamonds or rare paintings.

“As it turns out,” he writes, “I AM the guy who stole the safe from the Motor View Drive Inn back in June, 1971. I could have left that unsaid, but I wanted to get it off my chest. Also, I really am NOT a Ph.D.” In fact, Mr. Patterson never actually graduated college. A clerical error resulted in not only a college diploma, but also an unearned Ph.D.

He adds, “I never did learn what the letters ‘PhD’ even stood for.”

Thankfully, he didn’t receive a Ph.D for medicine, or a lot more people would have written their own obituaries by now, but he did work as a professional electrical engineer. Oh, & that’s not all. Just to spite a “mean park ranger,” the man rolled rocks on top of a geyser to ruin the ranger’s day.

Patterson also admits to being banned from both Disneyland & SeaWorld, but gives no reason why.

What a life!

Source:  Most hilarious obituaries of all time on Grunge


The Electromagnetic Rain Dance scene, ‘Step Up 2’

Something very few know about me: I am a sucker for dance movies! But not just any music or any dancing – it’s the Step Up’s that do something to me I cannot explain. I can literally feel it coursing through my veins like wildfire – there are no words …. no words! I’m even gonna say, cuz I feel it: It’s my fuckin’ favorite movie scene.

It’s been about a decade since I watched this .. what, maybe 50 times in a row? The full body goosebumps are still there! It’s the last minute that Rocks My World!! I fondly remember my dancing circles around anyone as I glided across that dance floor. Oh the Energy! Enjoy 😉

Watch the Electric, the Magnetic, Rain Dance: The Final Dance

“It’s not about what you got; it’s about what you make of what you got!”

You tell ’em sista!!

Still giving me goosebumps after all these years.

Intuitive Painting: What Is It & Have You Ever?

The first time I heard about it I was hooked. 

“Intuitive or Process Painting allows individuals to travel a private path where they can uncover images of their inner selves through painting.

Play is encouraged.

The goal is not to make paintings for exhibition or to learn specific techniques.

The goal is to allow yourself the space to be inside color, paint, & process while locating the inner core of your creative self.”

– Nancy Fletcher Cassell

‘Breathe, relax, & tune-in, let go; open, still, calm, quiet – you become a beacon/a bridge/a channel; & the Universe/Spirit speak to you, & it will, through the canvas.’ Having recently tried my hand (head? heart?) at meditating I soon realized how much the two have in common. You just never know what kind of messages you’ll get. Here are two beautiful expressions by whimsical Intuitive Artist Flora Bowley:


Intuition is a Key that opens many a lock 😉


‘The First Time I Noticed the Universe Might be Conspiring to Help Me’

My intro to this amazing process was:
& her 10 tips / reasons to paint, & I do concur! I’ve since purchased books by both ladies!


I don’t know ‘whose idea’ The Universe was – Proofbut it’s a messenger alright; in my life for sure, & there are others too. Messages can be received in a variety of ways. I’ve had inexplicable things just appear, without a conscious thought in sight!



My first (clueless) attempt: It started out as an orange background, & with a small brush I took some blue paint & began to just make swirls, like the ribbons I love doing – ‘Ribbons’. Do you remember the first time you tried to paint something? Especially if you’re like me & without any kind of artistic background, training, or even an artsy relative .. Do you remember having any clue as to what to paint; let alone even a smidge of a grasp on the incredible variety of techniques, tools, styles, colors, etc?

So why & how did this girl appear on my tiny I’m-just-gonna-push-some-paint-around-and-see-what-happens-canvas, & who kinda reminds me of me? And she just happens to be standing in front of what looks like a tornado? And beyond that, a swirl of blue skies are on the other side of that tornado – & lo & behold – an Angel? Seemingly ‘guarding’ the ‘entrance’ of a place with golden light?

The Angel literally just appeared. It actually looks just like an angel. It looks like it’d take quite some effort to try to paint that; effort & some experience/talent/skill .. None of which, atm, I have enough of to be able to purposefully paint, let alone draw, an angel like that – those wings, esp the right one, look so – Angelic.

I don’t do ‘stuff’ that’s supposed to look like ‘stuff’ – that’s why I chose Abstract 😉


Might not seem super significant; I get ya. Except ..

At the time I was working on a chapter, my-life-story-so-far, for a book called ‘Soaring Through the Storm.’ In it I spoke of living through a hell that was compared to being stuck in the Eye of a Tornado, & how I came out the other side shining: ‘How a Failed Book Launch Turned into a Love of Painting & Blogging’.

I look at this little painting, in shock & awe. I never set out to paint anything. How could I? I didn’t know how to do anything yet. My running joke for 44 years re my ‘artistic talent’ was coming up with a slightly humorous way to look at my complete lack of artistic anything: ‘If I try to draw a blue house it looks like a red boat!’ I made up a silly joke to cover up why I couldn’t do something – that I never even tried! I’ve been gifted some pretty precious things – but patience was not among them. Kinda like when I tried teaching myself acoustic guitar but was ‘pissed’ (translate – impatient) that I hadn’t become Jimi Hendrix within the first 2 weeks: ‘Stella’ 🎸

So what’s the moral of the story? Well – do you want to succeed, stop suffering, & discover the endless well of Eternal Joy inside you that you can tap into at any moment?







I know you’re not here to stick sticks in your spokes 😉

‘Sometimes the only thing standing in your way is you.’

You CAN do anything.

The catch – You have to you believe you can 😉