NBC Sports Has Sold Their Soul To The Devil 👿

Wow, @nbcsports has clearly sold their soul to the Devil 👿 How dare you slander God like this. What a pathetic organization you are, your actions clearly show the world the true colors of your Soul & it is all kinds of UGLY.Sam Coonrod has more backbone & balls than your entire organization, for heContinue reading “NBC Sports Has Sold Their Soul To The Devil 👿”

Disconnect Yourselves from the *Smart* Network IMMEDIATELY

Why is it called COVID: COV (is virus) ID (is ID, Identification) = Rolling out the Communism under the guise of protecting you – the COVI-PASS is in the works peeps, this isn’t about your Health this is about Tracking & Control. And let me take it one step further: cuz you’ll say “Tracking ohContinue reading “Disconnect Yourselves from the *Smart* Network IMMEDIATELY”