Dear Seth Rogen: No, Fuck *You*

Well what do we have here .. a conundrum, if you will .. “Actors,” it’s quite fitting, just like you guys act in movies, you guys act like you care about black lives. You do it for the likes, the comments, the ooh’s & the ahh’s, the publicity .. you do it to appear as though you’re doing the right thing. But you don’t really care because if you did you’d bring attention to all the black lives lost in Chicago every single day. Where’s the outrage for that?? Where are the protests for the black lives of Chicago? Hmm? I’ll wait …. ⏳…. *crickets* ..

Yeah that’s what I thought, oh man the hypocrisy is deafening. No protests for the black lives lost in Chicago. Clearly those lives don’t matter. Now that’s a damn shame. But please go on, tell us how much you care about black lives.

If black lives really mattered – 38 cities wouldn’t be on fire right now. The hypocrisy is deafening. Hollywood “celebs” bailing antifa out of jail – Domestic Terrorists – you can’t make this shit up – the people responsible for setting those fires, & then whining & bitching & throwing out Fuck You! to the people with common sense who find that outrageous & call you on it. If this was a movie, boy would it suck.

Quite frankly we’ve had enough. How can we sit back & say nothing while you’re all calling this shit PEACEFUL when it’s a carbon copy of the Goddamned Nazi tactics⁉️GTFOH!

So no Seth, Fuck you – you’re defending, supporting AND funding people who set a building on fire with kids inside & then proceeded to block the entrance so the firefighters couldn’t get in & save them. Did those black lives matter?? Nope. A retired policeman was shot protecting his friend’s pawn shop – he was black – did his black life matter?? Nope.

You’re all protesting over the death of George Floyd, yet since the death of George Floyd how many more black people have been murdered in the streets since George’s death because of the riots?? The riots you so nonchalantly called “protests.” The word lynching comes to mind. There’s some things from the past that should never be brought back & that’s absolutely one of them. Yet it’s happening right now & we’re not going to listen to people who pretend it’s not.

Who knows maybe you need new glasses, I’m just trying to understand your lack of understanding – you can’t seem to see that your whole country is on fire. No rational person with common sense is watching their TV right now & thinking “Nothing to see here.” Yet that’s Hollywood’s stance AND the media’s stance. How odd.

More likely you’re ignoring it. Yeah that’s it. That matches up with the stance you guys are taking. Go figure. I’ve watched countless videos of complete savagery & viciousness .. a complete & a total disregard for human life. And you call them “peaceful protests.” I’m beside myself bawling in front of the TV every single fuckin’ night watching the complete & total decay of humanity in the streets, & yet here come the “Hollywood celebrities” prancing around like proud peacocks & waiting for the accolades to roll in🤦

Whatever the regular protesters started out protesting is long gone. There is complete & total chaos all over the country. And um .. on a side note, Antifa .. dontcha find their actions kinda sorta maybe a little maybe a lot Hitler-ish?? Literally dragging people out of their homes & beating them to death in the street. Does that not ring any fuckin’ bells from the past?? I mean what in the actual fuck, someone who’s Jewish supporting Nazi tactics? Jesus Christ every single soul that died in the Holocaust just shared a collective gasp 😬😬😬😬

Isn’t that kinda weird, how does that compute, I can’t wrap my mind around that mind-fuck & I highly doubt I’m the only one 😬🥺😬🥺 Yet STILL you say “Nothing to see here people .. move along .. these are “protests” .. they’re “peaceful& the country is burning to the ground.

Ahh yes this meme comes to mind:

How incredibly fitting for right now isn’t it folks⁉️ Yeah sadly, it is. A motherfuckin’ blueprint.

And just like clockwork here you guys are doing your usual shtick of patting each other’s narcissistic egos in front of the world & thinking you have some kind of moral high ground. Always an act, on-screen & off.

Try talking to some of the families, some of the women, the children, who are as we speak battening down the hatches & cowering in their homes crying in fear & terrified. I’ve talked to a few. They’re terrified antifa will kick down their door & drag them out into the street & beat them in front of their kids, or worse – watch their children be killed in front of them. How about that one does that one ring any bells?? Does that sound Nazi-ish to you?

Maybe you could buy them all shotguns or pitbulls or for the love of all Humanity anything that’ll make them feel secure – instead of giving money to the very people who put them in that situation?? Many of them are black families. But please go on tell us about how much you care about black lives.

Instead of using your $20 million dollar a movie salary to bail out antifa, rebuild some businesses that burned to the ground, or homes being destroyed. Or churches. God knows you can afford it. Build a school or a library in a poor community – and you’ll help create more opportunities – and help them have less of a chance of that black life winding up in a situation where there’ll be a protest for them one day. Every single one of their lives matter. Two of those lives were cops. But the media is silent about them & so are you guys. “But we care about black lives.” Yes, please, tell us how much you care about black lives.

I love my brothers & sisters of all colours because I love humanity & I hate to see it be destroyed in this way. My heart aches for every single black life, every single white life, & all the other colours in between. We could be living in a world of prosperity & abundance yet we’re living in a world of depravity & destruction. Every. Single. Life. Matters. People are competing to see who is more oppressed, people keep trying to push others down to raise themselves up. You’re doing it wrong. We need more love in the world. We need more heart & soul in the world. We need more integrity, character & honour in the world. We need more authenticity in the world. What we don’t need is people picking & choosing which lives matter. That’s the last thing we need. A guy tried that once – he had a little moustache – he wasn’t very popular.

You could run for mayor or governor, & enact actual change – instead of claiming you care yet bailing out the very criminals who took, take, & will continue to take black lives for as long as the riots go on. You can see how that makes no sense. Not only does it “not make sense” – it’s total hypocrisy. So it’s quite understandable to see the big pushback you got; hypocrites are frauds, they aren’t authentic. Yeah I know that does sound like a lot of work, but people do do it. Others just want to be able to check an invisible box that they think means they’re not racist, which they think has value in their echo chamber world ..

“Fans.” “Worship.” “Obsession.” “Celebrity.” Such hollow words. Narcissistic, shallow, devoid of authenticity. A bunch of grown-ups who play dress-up & are always trying to be someone else. A bunch of people who will say anything if the price is right. If our collective consciousness was more awake & aware we would be worshipping & putting on pedestals & honouring nurses, teachers, firefighters, police, doctors, & so on. But we’re not because half the world is asleep. Thankfully, specifically because of what’s going on, more & more people’s eyes are opening & people are waking up. I think the mesmerising of Humanity by Hollywood is slowly coming to an end.

You’re the last people anyone should look up to for anything. Celebrities have been pathetically “worshipped” & put up on an undeserved pedestal for far too long. People who always think they have the moral high ground yet whose actions rarely match their words, preaching to the rest of the world about how they should live from their gated community bubble, couldn’t possibly be more irrelevant & out of touch to people like us.

Published by Love Infusion©️

We must Encourage, Inspire & Motivate each other. There’s way too much of the opposite & the world is suffering. A truly authentic person with good intentions will want you to 'rise high' - even if it's 'higher than them.' The world is asleep but it's time to wake up. Everyone has a right to Life, Freedom, Joy & Peace. I can't stand seeing people deceived on such a global scale for nefarious gains. Shining a light on the colossal corruption & pedophilia epidemics. In the dark the cockroach thrives, but in the light it cannot survive.

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