Mass Minds Controlled

We are witnessing colossal, global, mass Psychological Warfare, ‘the brainwashing of a nation.’ And the left is what we’re witnessing as the result:

  • Programmed to Fear
  • Kept in a state of Chaos
  • Manipulated into Focusing on Our Differences -> instead of Our Similarities
  • Constantly pummeled with propaganda 24/7 on multiple gadgets
  • Indoctrination in Schools
  • Big Tech & Media manipulating the info we see -> therefore manipulating, shaping our reality
  • Keeping people divided
  • Contact gaslighting
  • Contact psychological projection
  • And people buy into it because of a need to be accepted, liked, loved
  • Once we let that go – when we realize *the only one that needs to accept me is me* we stop causing ourselves unnecessary suffering