Boy did I ever need a break from people.

Seems even this Canadian’s support for Trump ruffled many a cranky bird feather🤦

Of which, as we all know, there is an overwhelming, unnatural amount of hatred. It was definitely an odd event, & I was excited to discuss, to tell people why, to see what they thought. That I saw through the *politics* of it & saw its’ significance on an *energetic level.*

But hilariously nobody asked. Nobody. People I’ve known for 20 years, who I thought were spiritual & awake – became these Beacons of Hatred spewing identical hatred 24/7. Many immediately thought I was a fool without ever bothering to check. Ahh the ol’ cog dis. I knew I wasn’t 😉 Energy doesn’t lie; & neither does my razor-sharp intuition.

I’ve always loved debate & discussion – I’ve always looked at it as an opportunity to earn & grow.

It was really weird to observe the human behavior I was seeing: this seething hatred, the accusatory rhetoric without any specific proof .. what was most remarkable was it was identical across the board. Too identical. Unnatural. Suspicious.

I remember Trump on ‘The Apprentice’ – might’ve watched 2 or 3 episodes, wasn’t big on those reality type shows. But what I definitely DON’T remember is anybody hating him or trashing him online, no tweeting the sponsors to stop supporting him, no trying to get the show off the air, etc. How come .. ⁉️

.. cuz the hatred only started in 2016 when he became a threat to the bad guys. Bad guys I had already started digging into before he became president; & I’ve long known that the media is a joke. They lost all credibility when they started ridiculing people who didn’t believe their official narrative, those who dared to think critically & objectively by examining any & all possibilities – what any reasonable, grounded, wise individual would do.

Buuuuuut – we live in a fast-food world of instant gratification / entertainment / distractions. We’re overloaded on information – of which more than half is false & misleading, of which almost all is on purpose. Factor in the complete & total lack of actual teaching in schools – instead indoctrinating & brainwashing, breeding conformity – & you’ve produced generations of people who just don’t care, too stupid & lazy to realize what’s going on. But alas, it’s not their fault, the system made them that way.

We are truly living out the movie The Matrix, we’re nothing but objects to them that they just want to plug into & drain dry. The objective is to break free – but first you must become aware of the existence of the prison you’re in. I’ve been playing my Neo part for the past year – downloading as much information as *humanly* possible & passing it along.

Cuz we can figure it out. And don’t worry we will figure it out. We don’t need Big Tech to think for us, nor do we consider them an appropriate filter for our info to pass through.

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We must Encourage, Inspire & Motivate each other. There’s way too much of the opposite & the world is suffering. A truly authentic person with good intentions will want you to 'rise high' - even if it's 'higher than them.' The world is asleep but it's time to wake up. Everyone has a right to Life, Freedom, Joy & Peace. I can't stand seeing people deceived on such a global scale for nefarious gains. Shining a light on the colossal corruption & pedophilia epidemics. In the dark the cockroach thrives, but in the light it cannot survive.

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