I Wish I Could Take Away Everyone’s Pain

My absolute deepest condolences to the family of the woman who passed away, at our resort in Varadero, Cuba, at the Occidental Arenas Blancas. I am so very sorry💖Complete & utter shock & very deep sadness & helplessness even though I didn’t even know her. My God I don’t even know her name😥 Sadly sheContinue reading “I Wish I Could Take Away Everyone’s Pain”

Podcast: “Say Yes to Yes Theory!”

–I cannot say enough good things about @yestheory 😍–✨Way to live life to the fullest guys!✨Such an Inspiration!!–New #podcast “Say Yes to ‘Yes Theory!’”–https://anchor.fm/love-infusion/episodes/Say-Yes-to-Yes-Theory-e8u61m