We’ve Come Too Far To Go So Far Back.

Oh the irony of having a colossal lack of self-awareness among a self-proclaimed “woke” crowd!

Cuz didn’t you know that in Backasswards Bizarro World everything is the opposite!

It is not the world’s responsibility to accommodate you. I’ve never seen a bigger bunch of emotionally stunted people in my life. One day when they grow up, they’ll look back on their actions & wonder how they could’ve ever been so foolish.


.. ahhhh the 70’s those were the days! Long before we morphed into this Backasswards Bizarro World. Of all the things I miss – like Endless Summer Days, playing tag & hide n go seek .. of first crushes & first kisses.. & thankfully of not having all my foolish mistakes eternally memorialized on video or social media ..

🔥What I think I miss the most is the Long Lost Art Of The Debate. I so looked forward to sharing what I’d learned n researched -> & especially the excitement of finding out how THEY got to THEIR conclusions.

This was how many new ideas & solutions would be born. Debates were always great opportunities to learn & grow & evolve! My oh my how funny .. no, how sad – no, how pathetic; that we’ve made “so much progress” – yet we find ourselves now Eons Behind Where We Started🎑

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