The Silent ‘Total War’ Against Us

This is my theory, been digging into PsyWar & PsyOp this month.

First – not just for the military anymore. But thanks to its’ military success, naturally – began using it on citizens. Many have noticed & mentioned the incredible amount of projection & gaslighting the left, the guilty, the media, hollywood, the haters, the ignorant, & the brainwashed, continuously exhibit – thinking they’re fooling us. Well they’re fooling some, many, that’s for sure.

After we observed half the world exhibiting what was quickly coined ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome,’ had a huge feeling something sketchy was going on but couldn’t put my finger on it, couldn’t see it but knew it was there. The fuck is wrong with these people all echoing pretty much the same script, seemingly under a spell – a whole “Zoolander, trigger word, ‘Relax’ – kill the Malaysian president” scenario LOL. What the fuck is going on here? I jokingly thought, watch – I think half the world is brainwashed. And you know what I think it’s EXACTLY that, & on a level & a scale that is blowing my fucking mind.

And I’ve been blowing my fucking mind down rabbit holes for awhile. All of the tentacles of all the nefarious shit we investigate & try to expose, I think it’s all connected back to the “head of this snake” -> which is THE EXTREME & CONTINUAL PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE COVERTLY USED AGAINST THE WORLD IN EVERY ASPECT of our world.

I mean I knew about the veil, did a lot of peeking behind it until I ripped that fucker down LOL That Matrix, ‘popped’ myself out of it so to speak as many have, been trying to find the way, the words, the whatever, to help wake people up.

In every tentacle – it’s ALL the exact opposite of personal freedom.

All the stuff we’ve all been looking into & exposing to finally eradicate – the corruption, the deep state, pedophilia, gitmo hollywood, etc .. So much that it’s been making many people lose patience, cuz we’re flabbergasted how they’re still waking around free cuz we need Justice & we need handcuffs & we need orange jumpsuits.

But if you research there is so much that’s been going on, tons of arrests and dismantling of corrupt groups previously placed, so many pieces that needed to be removed and so much corruption to tackle. But some still think if it’s not on CNN it didn’t happen.

We’re all at different lessons and levels on our spiritual journeys, our awakening. Some have given up, maybe thinking how are a bunch of citizen journalists / researchers / diggers / autists gonna be able to eradicate all this evil? Seems impossible – IF YOU LOOK AT IT AS ALL SEPARATE & TRY TO TACKLE IT ALL SEPARATELY.

What if there’s a fuel driving each & every one of these tentacles? What if we were to expose that fuel, rendering it powerless? Wouldn’t it, couldn’t it, shouldn’t it expose & finally eradicate all of the tentacles in one fell swoop?

What’s that saying about having to “kill the head of the snake.” ?

I think technically what I’m envisioning is a huge octopus – with a tentacle in everything, every construct, every nook & cranny of our society, what we’ve assumed is just life, has in fact been a tool all along, weaponized behind our backs, pummeling us from every angle every day, with what they want us to think reality is.

The psychological & political warfare is the brain of this entire operation. It’s how it can operate, it’s how it can infiltrate our civilized world, society, communities, families, homes, and destroy from within, constant chaos and manipulation, without us noticing until one day we turn around and that’s our world. Constant projecting and gaslighting – & gaslighting is extremely dangerous when you don’t know that ‘it’s a thing.’ I experienced it long ago for almost a year before I knew it was a thing. And I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

There is nothing even remotely close to funny in living through having somebody get close to you in order to manipulate you to fulfill a hidden agenda, completely use and abuse you, finding ways to trick you and then being smugly proud when it’s successful, taking away any and all choice from that person, often sucking them dry of energy maybe money and in some cases sometimes even the will to live, altering your reality, making you doubt your sanity, and eroding your confidence and self esteem.

We are many in complete and total disbelief of the incredible hypocrisy n lunacy we are seeing emerge everywhere, constantly on the losing end of the double standard. Then stripping us of our ability to do something about it, the fight back, and tell our fellow humans – “Hey, heads up watch out for the sketchy fuckers they’re up to no good .. ” And then Bam! We are silenced, censored, erased – and when it comes to Twitter it’s done in a way that a lot of the time we don’t even know about – the shadow ban. Happens to many, to me every other day.

Can you think of a more cowardly, weasel-ish, unsportsman like way to operate?

What kind of people have not only a complete and total disregard for other people, fellow human beings who are just trying their best to get through this thing called life – but a desire, idea, plan, & an actual manifesto, to destroy them secretly, behind their backs, while simultaneously smiling at them n patting them on the head, condescendingly and superiorly, Everything is fine nothing to see here.

The head of the octopus, the brain, the control center, enabling them to control all of the tentacles – is their constant covert (to most) Psychological & Political Warfare – complete and total mind control, projection, gaslighting, causing complete and total chaos everywhere they go in everything they do, while slowly, secretly and quietly eradicating everything that makes us a civilized society, individuals, etc.

What if we exposed that brain?

I can’t remember if it was Sean at Sgt or Dave at X22, in a vid in the past month or two about the broken record narratives the mainstream media puts out in waves – and the difference between that and the great variety of info research and shared by the citizen journalists and researchers because everyone has their specific thing they like to dig into or expose some people it’s pedophilia some people it’s corruption some people it’s the Deep State some people are on flight radar monitoring the planes others are digging into the court documents others are researching body language from various videos – everybody’s got they’re ‘thing;’ that is a beautiful thing because it’s varied, its objective it’s authentic.

If everybody just woke up tomorrow it would be over for them & they know it, so it makes it the single most important thing in all of these diabolical people’s lives – essential to their very survival, individually & as a group, and would put an end to their plan of global domination.

And now – it’s on to Censoring Free Speech – but only of those who don’t obey & echo the narratives. The last tactic to silence & erase that group of people this theory didn’t work on. Same ones they label as conspiracy theorists all psychological tactics and warfare to modify our Behavior.

From everything like eliminating borders, to 762 genders, to inventing “micro aggressions” – the oh no you “micro-agressed” me – “you must cease to exist” & blurring of the lines & the stripping of identities & borders & rules & anything that makes you an individual – to keep the sheeple as clueless hamsters spinning on never ending wheels circling the drain, etc etc.

And all of this is the complete opposite of personal freedom & encouraging people to research, investigate, think for themselves, be themselves – in order to learn & grow & evolve. ALL of these things & so much more of what’s going on in our world right now are doing all they can to ensure that we the people never ever Wake Up.

Do you see the importance in expanding your consciousness, & spiritually awakening? It’s everything you need to be able to see them for what they really are, & the absolute last thing they want – AWAKE people.

Enter Operations Paperclip, Mockingbird, Northwoods, Artichoke, MK Ultra, etc. In comes Hollywood. “Hey guys here’s an idea – let’s make movies & in them we’ll hide in plain sight our nefarious deeds.’ AND, it will also -> for those who catch on & see through it -> serve as an automatic already-established defense – ‘What are you talkin about that was just a movie.” (They’re whole “We put it out there, & they’re not stopping us so they deserve everything they get” thing). Okay LOL if you’re still with me: Now in comes the term conspiracy theorist. Personally I refuse to use this term anymore cuz now I see it for what I think it is – just a term born out of CIA propaganda who’s sole purpose was to ridicule, discredit, smear, so that what is in fact the truth never gets taken seriously.

In every tentacle I listed, that many of you know, including this meme – it’s ALL the exact opposite of personal freedom.

Found a doc called the Psychological Warfare manifesto I think it was .. was a confidential doc, said “Property of the Queen, top secret, for our eyes only, must not be shown to the public” kind of thing – it’s all on my feed. And we know that when radio began, the intent & purpose of “media” was never just a nice gesture of giving us a way to get information – but to control us, influence us. From the get-go its purpose was as a tool to be weaponized, a channel for their programming us with propaganda, under the guise of entertainment.

So now we bring into this equation, along with Hollywood & movies, the sickening music industry. The blurring of all kinds of lines, sexuality, pedophilia, gender & so on. All of these things tied together, all different tentacles of the same nasty beast: “Behavior Modification” – not just the study of it – but the “incredible importance” of the study of it. It is coming up EVERYWHERE.

Published by Love InfusionĀ©ļø

We must Encourage, Inspire & Motivate each other. Thereā€™s way too much of the opposite & the world is suffering. A truly authentic person with good intentions will want you to 'rise high' - even if it's 'higher than them.' The world is asleep but it's time to wake up. Everyone has a right to Life, Freedom, Joy & Peace. I can't stand seeing people deceived on such a global scale for nefarious gains. Shining a light on the colossal corruption & pedophilia epidemics. In the dark the cockroach thrives, but in the light it cannot survive.

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