A Letter to Greta Thunberg

“Stop Pushing Science Fiction.”

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Ever noticed anything unusual about the statuettes the movie & music industry give each other for so-called great acting / performances / films / songs etc .. ? Found myself daydreaming earlier .. totally speculating just for sh*ts n giggles ☀️🧘☀️ Just exploring out of curiosity to see if there’s anything to find .. Akin […]

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Sticks n Stones

Stable, well-balanced, grounded,& emotionally mature grown-ups leave ‘Angry Toddler Tantrums’ where …. ? You got it! – Toddlerhood!🕴️If you’re bringing that shit into adulthood, AND thinking it’s appropriate to do so .. #Newsflash -> You’re the problem🎯

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Long been a rebel Gone against the grain Shun the mainstream Not s’pposed to be ‘All the same’ Forging my own way I know my strengths I know my powers With childlike wonder I see the world Through Eyes of Love I live to laugh I live to love I live to play Every single […]

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Inspire, no matter what Not tired no, You’re fired up You might fall down Keep gettin’ back up You’ll go far Reachin the gate Don’t stop Don’t stick those sticks up in your spokes this ain’t no joke No dumb blokes don’t you get it Mirrors blowin’ smoke Take a toke Smoke that dope Just […]

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