A Letter to Greta Thunberg

Chicago Is What They Have Planned For Us

That’s right folks – don’t say the Democrats never do anything .. they do do some things sometimes .. sadly it’s usually pretty nefarious & devious & some form of psychological warfare.

The Democrats & their right hand man, mainstream media, refuse to talk about Chicago.

FINE, WE WILL: Stop by this website keeping tabs on the chaos there – the ridiculously high ‘murder rate by gun’ in a “gun-free zone.” I mean how is that even possible – there aren’t supposed to be any guns there⁉️ Can you see how they’re lying to you? Aptly named☀️🧘 Hey Jackass!! 🧘☀️

They’ve been keeping track of the ridiculous gun violence & high murder rate every single weekend .. Chicago seems to be forgotten. Except it’s on purpose. It’s not forgotten & everything is going exactly as planned.

And visit gunfacts.info, who “isn’t pro-gun or anti-gun, they’re pro-math & anti-BS.” Numbers don’t lie & they show that responsible gun ownership saves so many more lives than those lost in crimes.

That’s what they want you to believe: that if we put gun-free zones everywhere somehow that’s going to stop “murders-by-gun.” They’re trying to make you believe something that is the complete & total opposite of reality & that’s called gaslighting.

The truth of the matter is that responsible gun ownership protects citizens from crime. There’s no way they can take guns away from criminals cuz they don’t obey laws & buy their guns illegally. So the only people they can successfully take guns away from are law-abiding citizens. Do you get it yet?

Numbers don’t lie – the evidence shows it is clearly doing the exact opposite. They are blatantly lying to us & enough is enough.

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Ever noticed anything unusual about the statuettes the movie & music industry give each other for so-called great acting / performances / films / songs etc .. ?

Found myself daydreaming earlier .. totally speculating just for sh*ts n giggles ☀️🧘☀️ Just exploring out of curiosity to see if there’s anything to find .. Akin to going for a hike in the mountains in uncharted territory you’ve got to take the hike up the hill to see if there are any paths worth exploring or only dead ends 😉

How wild is your imagination?
What if these awards are not actually given for movie roles / performances / films / songs like we’ve always thought. Assumed. Been conditioned to believe? What if they’re “hidden-in-plain-sight” ‘trophies’ for other kinds of achievements / levels attained in their little secret society??

Where is all the Joy / Beauty / Glamour / Glitz in their ‘awards’ that Hollywood usually tries to represent⁉️Why instead are naked, vacant, mask-wearing seemingly submissive clones representing emptiness all I see?

Always with the double entendres them .. Maybe something along the lines of:

  • Naked = Vulnerable
  • Masks = Hiding true identity
  • Globe = World on their shoulders / carrying the weight of the world
  • Faceless = Identities erased
  • Phonograph = Message sent / received; also 🌀Phonograph|Pornograph🌀
  • Popcorn = Snacks for movies / All that glitters is not gold
  • Palme d’Or = Golden Palm
  • Expression = Vacant, blank

  • Sure it can easily be explained away as symbols for acting & all that entails.

    But if it also simultaneously meant something else it wouldn’t be the first time.

    Hypothetically speaking what if you needed to come up with an alternate theory for an essay in a creative writing class for example .. what would your story look like?

    Your mind is a muscle – don’t be afraid to exercise it 🌀🤺

    Sticks n Stones

    Stable, well-balanced, grounded,
    & emotionally mature grown-ups leave ‘Angry Toddler Tantrums’ where …. ?

    You got it! – Toddlerhood!🕴️
    If you’re bringing that shit into adulthood, AND thinking it’s appropriate to do so ..

    #Newsflash -> You’re the problem🎯


    Long been a rebel

    Gone against the grain

    Shun the mainstream

    Not s’pposed to be

    ‘All the same’

    Forging my own way

    I know my strengths

    I know my powers

    With childlike wonder

    I see the world

    Through Eyes of Love

    I live to laugh

    I live to love

    I live to play

    Every single day.


    Inspire, no matter what

    Not tired no,

    You’re fired up

    You might fall down

    Keep gettin’ back up

    You’ll go far

    Reachin the gate

    Don’t stop

    Don’t stick those sticks

    up in your spokes

    this ain’t no joke

    No dumb blokes

    don’t you get it

    Mirrors blowin’ smoke

    Take a toke

    Smoke that dope

    Just Relax

    Cuz no matter what

    You’re gonna smash it

    Ace in the hole

    Smoke a bone

    Smoke a bowl

    Hit the streets with ease

    No need for pretty please

    Running over the coals

    Hot stuff, Hit the goal

    An open net

    You place yer bet

    Cmon Ladies Gents

    There’s no end, don’t you fret,

    You made yourself

    a damn good nest

    Just breathe

    in so much ease

    No one to please

    But you yourself

    Why Can’t the Left See THEY’RE Acting Like “Nazis?”

    Don’t they watch themselves on television? How can they not see that they are so full of hatred and intolerance?

    They love to throw the word Nazi & racist around like it’s nothing – except who they’re describing is THEMSELVES.

    The Democrats started out this way – and now they’re back into it in full force, aren’t they⁉️ Liberals & leftists & resisters & so-called feminists ARE THE MOST HATEFUL, INTOLERANT PEOPLE ON THE PLANET.
    If they had even AN OUNCE OF SELF-AWARENESS they’d see that THEY are the exact thing they claim to be against. But they’re too ASLEEP to notice so THEY CONTINUE TO FILL OUR WORLD WITH HATE & INTOLERANCE WHILE DELUSIONALLY THINKING THEY’RE FULL OF LOVE & TOLERANCE.

    Millennial Millie brings over a black gentleman from the left to Trump’s side – AND HE IS SHOWN SO MUCH LOVE 😍 And that’s because the media is responsible for brainwashing these folks.