Ode to the Eternally Offended

No. Come on! This is real⁉️Liberals Have Lost Their Minds. This is What a Democratic Convention Looks Like And it ain’t pretty. Just caught the it-has-to-be-a-comedy-skit embarrassment of a spectacle of “personal privilege, keep the chatter to a minimum nonsense,” & the WTF is with the Jazz Hands⁉️ Or did I take a wrong turn […]

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MSNBC Should Be Taken Off The Air

Ask yourself this: If liberals can ban the use of a word – a word – ‘owner’ by the NBA, why can’t we ban a network that’s falsely representing itself as a news organization, instead pummeling the public with political propaganda every single day⁉️ Could it be cuz it’s all by design ⁉️ That’s exactly […]

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