Censorship is Futile

Censorship stops Growth.

🔺Access to information is a beautiful thing. The internet is how I’m able to teach myself what is now my 4th language, Italian.

“La ragazza mangia la mela.” ‘The girl eats the apple.’ Coooool 🥳

The internet is how I taught myself my 3rd, Spanish. I bought an acoustic guitar cuz there’s vids on the internet that can teach me how to play it.

Once when in one of my ‘what do I feel like learning today?’ modes I was prompted to find a creative side to tap into; & 3 yrs ago, armed with a few basic supplies I used the internet to watch endless artist tutorial vids🥳 And that one literally *changed my life* cuz I have not stopped painting since.

*To learn is to grow & to grow is to evolve*

🔴Slowly but surely they’re picking off our freedoms, our rights, one at a time. And make no mistake – they’re not going to stop until there’s nothing left. Are we going to stand by & watch them until they take it all?🔴


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