Most Evil Company? Move over Monsanto & Make Way for Google

Dear #Google 😈😈😈😈
Of all the corrupt things in this backasswards world, you are the definite front-runner. [After your master Hillary Clinton of course].

You & your corrupt, soulless entity – a bratty 8 year old pulling a tantrum in the sandbox so he gets his way & all the toys for himself – are the epitome of evil, greedy to no end, selfish, nefarious & then some. You are despicable & you cannot ever, ever be trusted. Zero conscience, honor, integrity or character – to be that dark, that vile, what a miserable, awful existence.

If your 18th Ferrari doesn’t make you happy, your 19th won’t either. You’ll never fill that deep, dark, ugly pit that is your soul in this way; you wasted your life, & set us back decades.


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