“Drag Queen Story Hour” is Atrocious

This shit HAS to stop. A bunch of appalled parents – rightfully so – had this event cancelled at a Florida library:

Florida Library Cancels “Storybook Pride Prom”

Now they’re calling for doxxing & harassment of activist Elizabeth Johnston, ‘The Activist Mommy.’ This is outrageous.

No it’s NOT a problem with lgbt / lgbtq – who people choose to sleep with truly isn’t anyone’s business.

🔥It’s a problem with confusing kids way too young to even begin to comprehend what you’re pushing on them. They’re too young! Let kids be kids🔥

Those pushing this are blind to the fact that they’re forcing these kids to live this life THEY want them to live instead of letting who THEY are, DEVELOP & EMERGE ON ITS’ OWN. That is going to cause a bunch of problems for them down the road.

Selena is pissed at Activist Mommy’s success at shutting down events, so now Selena wants to shut her down. But I thought it was wrong?? Just said so yourself ..

These people are evil to want to destroy those who speak out. She is not trying to shut down Selena’s way of life, or gigs, or anything .. she is simply upset that it’s an event where young kids will be in attendance. Selena is free to perform anywhere in the world she likes. Perhaps Selena needs to take a step back & examine her agenda, examine how her choices & actions are affecting others, even hurting others. But know that takes self-awareness & self-reflection which clearly Selena does not have. Selena cares more about being told no. Shame on Selena.

A story came out this week of a 6 year old girl who came home traumatized after one of these events. They’re too young to understand this subject matter. Just stop it!

🔥I’m going with those calling this child abuse. I hope to God lawsuits come🔥

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