How did Google become the internet’s censor & master manipulator blocking access to millions of websites?

A random company to tell me what is real, what is not, & what is true, & what is false? Thanks, but I don’t need that, that’s my job. Do you?

Then the self-proclaimed “fact-checkers” popped up. Why? To stop people – not just from thinking for themselves – but now from even researching, by saying, ‘Hey, don’t worry .. We got this!’ *wink wink*

Mainstream media killed journalism .. true objective reporting should leave you not knowing their political side. Political operatives masquerading as journalists push secret agendas for the big bucks$
And now with censorship, they eliminate different points of view/opinions/theories,etc .. Essentially telling the world we’re stupid & can’t figure it out for ourselves.

It takes an incredible lack of integrity & character to not keep it a level playing field. But .. that’s what happens when one has nothing to bring to the table; they must cheat to try to win.

Showcases a lack of game, a lack of balls, & quite frankly reveals them to be nothing more than a bunch of cowards.


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