Censorship = Cowardice

A generation of whiners & cowards.

By their logic we should ban every single person / outlet who bashes Trump. But of course they’d never call for that; they just want to silence those they don’t like. A big generation of whiners, babies, COWARDS.

We don’t have to agree with what people are saying – but we ABSOLUTELY MUST respect their right to say it.

There is an incredible arrogance & ignorance with what they’re doing – it shows a complete & total lack of self-awareness & self-reflection. They were never taught to just change the damn channel if they don’t like something.

✳️Everything cannot please everyone all of the time✳️

No one taught them about Sticks & Stones & letting that shit roll right off of you. No, they wrongly think they have a right to stop the ENTIRE WORLD from seeing something just because THEY don’t like it.

That’s a glitch within themselves + NOT the targets they choose to attack, & shows a complete & total lack of self-awareness & maturity. They need to grow up & put on their big-boy pants -> learn that the world is not going to bend to please you. That’s just not how the world works!

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