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Don’t Let Others Define Your Worth

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Only you can do that. The only opinion of you that matters is your own.

It’s hard sometimes to not get lost in the chaos & the noise & the static & the nonsense .. but don’t allow others’ opinions or limits or anything hold you back or stop you from where you need to be / go.

I remember reading about being aware of your energy after you’re with someone – if you’re uplifted then it’s someone you want to have around, & if you feel drained it’s someone that you probably don’t & who’s quite possibly toxic.

Make sure you have solid set boundaries. Boundaries: The Importance of Valuing Yourself

Meditation & yoga are the two best activities that helped me get centered & calm down, & learn to keep that peace inside even when amongst all that chaos✨😁✨ And never forget to always love yourself! ❤️🙋❤️


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