Be Careful Who You Trust

Turns out drug running / smuggling / trafficking: not just for the CIA – cuz why should they have all the fun, right DEA ⁉️

💣Sounds crazy cuz it is💣sounds like something outta 1984 cuz it is💣

Most problems (wars / drugs / plane bombings / etc) were created by THEM – the establishment / elite/ cabal.

All while simultaneously blaming us: “We’re bad people, we have problems; so we need therapy & pay for shrinks & pills & pills & more pills & WE MAKE THESE PSYCHOPATHS RICH.

Multitude of gadgets 24/7 yet blindly believe the very people who have SO MUCH to gain if we do. Critical thinking needs to make a comeback.

Everything is the opposite; seems like everything we’ve ever been told is a lie & it’s the opposite that’s true.

Be careful who you trust✨

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