The Fire that is Mark Levin

Mark Levin accurately depicts the anger, frustration & complete and total disbelief at what actually happened behind closed doors over the past 3+ years.

Are They Silencing You? Use ‘Tech Bias Story Sharing Tool’ If you are being censored or shadowbanned, or find your videos & tweets being deleted, your follower count going down drastically & basically your stats just not making any sense – you are likely being silenced. And President Trump wants to hear your story.

‘Debbie Downer’ or ‘Smiley Joe’⁉️

Are you bothered by what other people think of you? Try this: Who Gives a Fuck! Feel better? Do yourself a huge favor & let go of your need to know or care what others think of you. It’s such a waste of time & causes you so much needless suffering. What others think ofContinue reading “‘Debbie Downer’ or ‘Smiley Joe’⁉️”

Treat Yourself!

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