This Poor Woman: The Not-So-Covert ‘Biden Grab’

This poor woman. I don’t know who she is but i know THAT LOOK & I see HIS HAND.

Let’s be real: Joe Biden is a disgusting PIG – we’ve known this about him for YEARS.

We’ve seen it in all his vids but of course the left wants you to ignore your eyes, your mind – constant gaslighting.

He pretends to put his hands on girls’ shoulders – that’s his “covert grab,” & dummy thinks we can’t see his fingers creeping towards their breasts.

Idiots like Alyssa Milano & the like – HYPOCRITES – are defending him because they have to, but they know.

These hypocrites pretend to stand for #metoo but they’re full of shit. It’s all politics.

And it’s not just grown women – he does this to little girls as well. But in a world of constant double standards from the left, sexual abuse & pedophilia is okay if you’re a Democrat.

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