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“Literature is doomed if liberty of thought perishes…” — Art of Quotation

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“Literature is doomed if liberty of thought perishes. Not only is it doomed in any country which retains a totalitarian structure; but any writer who adopts the totalitarian outlook, who finds excuses for persecution and the falsification of reality, thereby destroys himself as a writer. Unless spontaneity enters at some point or another, literary creation […]

via “Literature is doomed if liberty of thought perishes…” — Art of Quotation


5 Replies to ““Literature is doomed if liberty of thought perishes…” — Art of Quotation”

  1. It’s fckn scary, seriously. It’s the CIA’s promise coming true – about ensuring everything the public believes is false. In a recent blog I called it “Weapons of Mass Confusion.” Then we who actually research, connect dots, secure facts – are ridiculed & attacked. Last week on Twitter (ugh) I “told a guy it was ok for him to think the earth was flat – & that he shouldn’t face so much attacks for going against the grain.” It took all of 5 minutes for 6 ppl to jump on me, ridiculing me & calling me an idiot for “thinking the earth was flat.” lolll I said breathe, & go reread my tweet – I said nothing of the sort.” It’s like ‘Flat Earth’ was/is a trigger. And the kicker?? One girl went & grabbed a pic of the net, of a round earth, saying, “Yeah, doesn’t look flat to me, this is what you live on you idiot.” SIGH. SMH. I was laughing while simultaneously crying inside. “You did not just go & grab a pic of the www, post it here, & claim Victory! did you?! Cuz I think I just got suctioned thru a wormhole into the Twilight Zone.”

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  2. It’s so bad .. it’s become a main focus of my blog now. So many don’t see it yet. I miss a good ol’ debate. Comparing notes, maybe learning something! Imagine that 😛 Agreeing to disagree if that’s the case .. #ThinkForYourself hashtag goes on many of my tweets loll The agenda pushers who encourage nothing but accepting their narratives, or face ridicule, harassment, even attacks ..
    Bottom line, anyone who discourages researching & investigating for yourself, all while employing this thing called #Thinking, cannot & should not be trusted.

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