Attn: Artists & Bloggers: Fine Art America’s (Free) Blog Syndication Program

Do you know a blogger who writes regularly about art, photography, graphic design, or the online art business? If so tell them about our blog syndication program! We’re actively seeking talented bloggers to contribute article.” – FAA

So far I think it’s a great site – it’s the first one I chose to start uploading my art (& hopefully selling it.) And since that’s my plan more exposure is exactly what I need 🤓

Sounds great – 5 million visitors per month is a great incentive to participate, free of charge, no strings; & therefore a ‘silly to miss’ opportunity for more exposure for us & WP.

A mutually beneficial partnership, as our art/photography blogs will pad their website & newsletter, while driving traffic back to our blogs.

I love a Win-Win✔

8 thoughts on “Attn: Artists & Bloggers: Fine Art America’s (Free) Blog Syndication Program

    1. It really is! Have you seen their site? Lotsa traffic! It’s the first site where I started to upload some of my artwork (digital, photographs, n paintings). Lotsa neat tools too me likey 😉 They wanna fill their newsletter n site, we get free exposure🐴Just gotta be a blog about something ‘artsy’ loll


    1. I hope everything went thru ok 😘
      I was curious as to the city that you live in/near in Florida, if you don’t mind sharing email it to me – just on the off-chance that I know somebody in that city that could help you in some way, you just never know 🌴


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