Global News: Censorship Live

There is no glory in winning by cheating. There just isn’t. God forbid they keep it a level playing ground. Are you ok with being played?

I’m not. I’m an intelligent human being, with 4 decades of life experience, I’ve been through hell & back & lived to tell about it. I’ll do my own research, go over all the facts, theories, & points of view & come to my own informed conclusion, thank you very much.

‘The Disinformation Campaign’

‘He who controls your information controls your reality.’

Until this week, I’d never seen them do it right before my eyes. Global News posted a blog about how New Brunswick had started a campaign against marijuana, to inform the public about the various dangers of using it, even sharing a poll that showed “the majority of New Brunswick’s residents are against it’s legalization” just weeks before it’s legalization.

I was bummed out to see such a negative story – and quite surprised – as Canadians in majority favor it’s legalization according to my research. My first comment started out chill just offering another point of view. Took all of one minute for it to be deleted. I thought maybe there was a glitch.

Perhaps they weren’t a fan of the suggesting of a more appropriate target, like the hundreds of thousands of kills per year by #BigPharma ..

I realize it’s been purposefully removed & I don’t hide my annoyance. Took a full 3 minutes before that one disappeared too.

In my final comment, sarcasm got the better of me & I didn’t hold back from the chance to tell the media exactly what I, & many others think of them.

One big minute later, like ‘magic’ Pouf! it’s gone too.

The media doesn’t play fair. They don’t want us to think for ourselves, & they’re manipulating truth & facts & in order to drive what we believe in a certain direction, their direction.

My advice?

Get out of the car.

See my previous blog:

‘Help Me Combat Disinformation: Here’s How’


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