Sometimes I Forget to Breathe: Tattoos & Mental Health

Every time I saw or heard the word “Breathe,” I noticed my body take an automatic very deep breath – like I was observing my body ‘relax itself.’

Sometimes I forget to breathe. Happens sometimes with severe anxiety & ptsd.

But my body knew better 😉

So I decided to get the word tattooed inside my left wrist, as a reminder to relax, & help combat these leftover symptoms from all the trauma.

It really helps 🙂

Sadly, there is still that lingering stigma around mental illness – which I wish was eradicated: I was once asked, “Watcha gettin’ on your other wrist – ‘Blink?'”

Hardy har har.

Just Breathe

Moral of the story:

Do watcha gotta do for yourself, don’t worry even for a sec what anyone else thinks or says!

Keep Climbing


2 Comments on “Sometimes I Forget to Breathe: Tattoos & Mental Health

  1. I have LOVE and FOOD tattooed on my wrists to remind me of the two most important things to me. Can see in my IG, tho I’m subtly artistic 😉

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