Joel Davis: Child Rapist?

Children as young as 2 years old!

I can’t ….

Chairman of Campaign Against Child Sex Abuse Charged with Attempted Rape of Multiple Children

Joel Davis Arrested for Arranging to Rape Multiple Children


Be a Nice Human

Ask Questions & Think For Yourself: Free Yourself From Others’ Opinions

Are #Aliens & #ET’s real? Maybe. Maybe not. There has to be life more intelligent advanced than us .. it can’t just be .. these people .. here. Sigh 😢

I want them to be. Don’t NEED them to be.

If no aliens, is there outer space? If no aliens or outer space, where are we .. really? A Flat earth? Round globe? Movie set? Experiment gone wrong? Something divine?

“Big Bang” = Non-answer. So pedestrian! “Yeah, so there was this Big Bang, & now we’re here.” As ridiculous as those who claimed we have Junk DNA. “Gee Rufus, we don’t understand it, so it must be junk.” I’d have said ‘YET, don’t understand it YET.’ #Nasa is sketchy. ‘We’ went to the moon on that contraption? That flimsy thing wouldn’t survive if I threw it across the street let alone to the Moon & back. Highly doubt it. How’s #StanleyKubrick these days?

Neil Armstrong can’t remember if he saw any stars? Stutters, searching for an answer. He & Buzz refused interviews after such a “grand feat?” Buzz clocks guy asking for truth, then appears in #Unacknowledged stating “Wait til ppl find out the truth?” Neil refuses request to touch a bible & swearing he DID ‘moonwalk, instead uses projection: “That bible is fake,” hoping to deflect our attention elsewhere? If one ‘walked on the moon,’ one might be proud, milk the claim to fame, raking in $ for appearances, signing autographs, being a Hero?

Not them: Stayed in seclusion. Dove into the bottle. Became recluses. WHY??



I don’t think I could possibly care any less about what any other person in existence thinks of me. I don’t need to be accepted & I don’t need to be liked.

And I gotta say that is one hell of an incredible level of personal freedom!


Why are you so concerned with what others think of you? You know that is operating from a place of fear? What are you afraid of? Why don’t you believe in yourself? What are you gonna to do about it??

#PERSONALFREEDOM is highly underrated.

There’s more that’s fake than real. If you can’t see that then you haven’t been paying attention. There’s more that’s the opposite of what it claims to be.



#CriticalThinking #Analysis #CreativeThinking #Narratives #Agendas #OperationAvalanche #OperationNorthwoods #CIA #ControlledOpposition #Corruption
#Speculation #Intuition #Objective #Investigation #OpenMind #Curiosity

Glitch in the #Matrix

With stats like that, maybe it’s time to hang up my keyboard!?


Hmm maybe a break ..

or a vacation.

Yeahhh, I think it’s time to head to a beach🌴

Effortless Fit

“I now see all my truths, lessons & epiphanies connecting – an orchestra in a symphony of Beauty, Love, Peace & Harmony, Unity, Energies, Frequencies & Vibrations.

Like pieces of a puzzle they effortlessly fit together, like magnets drawn to where they belong, falling into place.

Revealing a mysterious, elegantly intriguing, witty, clever pulse of Life Energy that is the Universe, or Multiverse – or the creator of all of the above.

Americans: Unwittingly Fund own Shadow Government; Still Deny Existence of ‘Deep State’

“We the People”

It can be quite unnerving when first learning that all you thought to be true – apple pie & the good ‘ole USA governmentis all a lie.

You’ve been brainwashed:

 “By blindly buying into Federal taxes & a mountain of debt, Americans are unwittingly funding the CFR shadow government.

It doesn’t have to be this way.”

The elite funds its’ CFR shadow government (today’s Illuminati) through illegal taxation & fraudulent debt creation; once you understand this you can then begin to see how they can be defeated.

‘If the people are educated on the fraud, the frauds fall apart.’

Everyone knows of the visible government in Washington; but there’s another, more shadowy, more indefinable government that is not explained in Civics 101 or observable to tourists at the White House or the Capitol. First, the COG (continuity of government), is made up of unelected individuals, appointed to run the government in the event of a “catastrophe.” Their agenda: ensuring the police state transitions into martial law.

“But if the people are educated on the fraud, the frauds fall apart.”

“But it’s the Deep State that poses the greater threat to our freedoms. Unelected government bureaucrats, corporations, contractors, paper-pushers, & button-pushers who are calling the shots behind the scenes right now. This permanent, corporatized, militarized, entrenched bureaucracy is unaffected by elections, unaltered by populist movements, & beyond the reach of the law. This is the hidden face of the police state.”

Head to Twitter & you’ll see many a tweet ridiculing even the suggestion of the existence of a ‘Deep State.’ How is it that so many Americans are still oblivious to the total sham that is their entire voting / politics / government / banking / system? So many people are still circling the drain hating on & attacking Donald Trump; a temporary employee.

A puppet – the frontman for a face you never see, & they’ve convinced you doesn’t exist. 

Chosen to cause the most noise. Can’t you see that?
You really don’t know how the US system works do you? How Come?
Go home, take a seat, & watch a bunch of documentaries. Educate yourself.
Does anyone do their own research or think for themselves anymore?


Mustn’t forget those who still think the term ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ is a thing.
C’mon guys! #WakeUp Are you dead inside? Bring yourselves back to life! It’s like pulling teeth getting people to think. To see. Lost in a tornado of #Disinformation & #Propaganda
Twitter is the worst – a cesspool – all by design. A bunch of people fighting surface static nonsense. Attacking the root? They’d have to know there is a root to do so.
Oh-the-irony; so painful to see them embarrassingly use the very term the Deep State itself coined, thinking they’ve successfully shut that shit down. Keep scrolling & you’ll see them denying that a Deep State even exists. Clueless.
Do they even know what it is? Obviously not or they wouldn’t be denying it’s existence. It’s merely part of the government – the legions of entrenched Big Government bureaucrats, especially the CIA, the NSA & other secretive agencies.
How awful it must be to be a Clone. An Echoer. A Pawn.
What a shame. You’ve let someone who couldn’t possibly care any less about you control you. Why is that?

C’est de la propagande cherie! Reveille!!


The CFR Shadow Government, Bilderburg Group, & Trilateral Commission are all connected to the Illuminati Banking Families. The supposed heads of all those media are merely the fronts for the internationalist bankers, who in turn compose the hierarchy of the CFR, are today’s Illuminati in America.

“Since 1921, the CFR shadow government has been working steadily to undermine all that the United States Constitution gave to the American people.”

The CFR shadow government takes control by using sex & money to bribe officials inside the schools, media, & government. Once under Illuminati control, these people are kept in line through threats of financial ruin, public exposure, & blackmail.

Threats of death to their family or themselves work quite nicely, too.


If the people are educated on the fraud, the frauds fall apart.

Thankfully many people are waking up – but so many still take the word of people & organizations that – had they done just a little research – absolutely do not merit their trust.

Who owns/controls our mass-communications media? Follow the money:

  •  Hollywood: the Lehmans; Kuhn, Loeb & Company; Goldman-Sachs; other bankers
  • National radio & TV: the same internationalist bankers
  • Metropolitan newspapers & magazines: the same internationalist bankers
  • Press wire-services: Associated Press, United Press, International, etc.

“By blindly buying into Federal taxes & a mountain of debt, Americans are unwittingly funding the CFR shadow government. But it doesn’t have to be this way. It really doesn’t.

If the people are educated on the fraud, the frauds fall apart.

If the people are educated on the fraud, the frauds fall apart.

If the people are educated on the fraud, the frauds fall apart.

If the people are educated on the fraud, the frauds fall apart.

If the people are educated on the fraud, the frauds fall apart.
If the people are educated on the fraud, the frauds fall apart.Fraud 2018-06-25 03-27-30


Dreams, Lucid Dreaming & OBE’s

I believe the mere fact we dream proves there is more than just the physical world!


First Lucid Dreaming Technique to be Independantly Verified


I have the craziest dreams. Very vivid. Never a dull moment. For the 14 years I ‘abstained’ from the Caribbean due to trying to put myself back together after being tossed around, stepped on & spit on by life – that’s putting it mildly – I continuously dreamt of being there, being on vacation, but it was always my last day. And I forgot to go to the beach. I’m freaking out. “How could you forget to go to the beach ?! It’s the whole reason you’re here!!” It’s an awful feeling of helplessness cuz there’s nothing I can do, & complete incomprehension as to how that is even possible, without even consciously considering that that would absolutely not be possible. In ‘real life’ that would NEVER happen. The minute I get to my resort, I’m at the beach.

When dreaming, I never realize I’m dreaming. There’s no question – when I’m in a dream, I think that THAT is reality, that I am awake, going about my day. Even when certain things make no sense, I don’t even realize – until, that is, I finally had my first Lucid Dream. Every single time – while in a dream – I believe that that is reality. It never occurs to me that maybe I’m dreaming. I don’t even consider for a sec that it might not be the real reality, the one that I think is real when I’m in the state I consider is the real awake. Does that make sense to you?

I lived a Groundhog Day scenario for years in my dreams – every night I’d fall asleep & in my dream I’d be on vacation – every time I woke up in the dream it somehow my last day of vacation. I ‘d always oversleep, waking up in a panic, realizing it’s time to go back home & I totally forgot to go to the beach. The Universe, I believe, in part, was urging me to get back to Life. I was a disastrous mess for awhile after all the crap – but that was an important time – the Universe’s “Intensive Universal Training Camp of ‘Bring you to the brink of madness & then some’ Life Lessons.”


When I started really working on myself, trying to process, deal & heal from all the trauma, & became more self-aware, I realized it was a message, a strong message, that Spirit/Source/Divine/God/Whoever made us come here was trying to get my attention. Every night, for years, my Soul was longing to be back in the tropics I fell in love with on my first trip in ‘96, I just didn’t make the connection.

When I finally consciously realized what the dream was trying to tell me, the dreams finally started changing. The next time, I woke up at the beginning of my last day. It started with me being able to see the pool from my window, then the beach, progressing to me being able to get to them but not swim, etc., until I finally went in the water. That’s when I finally went on my first trip in 14 years, in 2012. That’s where I feel most at home, most in my element, in the tropics 🙂

So all of this is happening in what we call a Dream, a space &/or time that I believe, at the time, to be reality. I don’t seem to have a clue that I’m actually asleep at that moment. Or am I ?


Lucid Dreams:

Lucid Dreaming goes right up there with skydiving as the most thrilling things ever for me. I had my first & it was unbelievably incredible.

In this dream, it was a scene from my past – I was in the work building I used to work in in the 90’s – the one I left to take the Club Med job in the Caribbean. I was going about my day, walking in the hall, passing offices – but then when I approached the elevators, I noticed the fire. The elevators, the floor, the halls – the fire roared fiercely & I was looking for a way out. The stairs were blocked, we were trapped. I was in complete disbelief. I started to panic, to really freak out, sure I was going to die.

  • OMG I can’t get out
  • OMG I HAFTA get out
  • OMG this can’t be happening
  • OMG this cannot possibly be happening

With each thought I seemed to go down a rabbit hole, down the ladder of consciousness. Or is it up? Pacing, my hands on my head, I head towards a corner & crouch down behind a big recycling bin. Each thought, progressing a little more –

  • this is not happening
  • this can’t be happening
  • how is this happening

To finally –

  • maybe this is isn’t happening
  • this can’t be happening
  • maybe this isn’t real
  • this can’t be real
  • maybe I’m dreaming
  • omg maybe I’m dreaming
  • could I be dreaming
  • OMG I’m fucking dreaming !!!!!

And Pouf! There I was conscious & aware in an unconscious world. Conscious in an ‘alternate reality’ (dreaming) & finally aware that I was not in the reality that I thought was the ‘real’ reality & had never once questioned. As I sit here & write this, I think I’m awake, & not in what we consider a dream. But how do I know for sure? Maybe this state we call awake is just another dream, & what we call dream is awake? Am I asleep right now, in a dream of an alternate reality, & so on – fun trying & wrap my mind around all that.

The instant I realized omg I am dreaming, it all disappeared. Gone. It just fell away. I was safe. Still processing what this meant, what I now instantly knew, & all of what I could do with this now – I popped right back out of the dream, literally. Poof – back in my bed. I remember it clearly, I felt like I was suctioned through a suction cup.

Becoming aware in what we call our ‘waking life’, & being able to achieve a conscious state in what we call our dream state, I think just may go hand-in-hand. Similar, but different. I knew the importance of awareness in our ‘waking life’, but not of the achieving consciousness while in the ‘dream state.’


I’ve had a few of these – but that was before I knew what they were. I used to think they were just dreams – until I read about them one day & I got total body goosebumps when I realized what I experienced. My mind is saying can’t be, how is this possible mumbo jumbo & tries to dismiss it. My Heart & Soul know though. I can pull up the memory at anytime & I’m right there again in that moment. Floating – just over my bed, right over my body. It’s dark, late at night. I can see myself, down there. I’m below me. I would just float around slowly, I remember feeling like a ball. I remember gently floating around the room, I’d lightly bounce of the walls if I came close to one. Just floating without a purpose, like a bumper-car, without a driver.

Unlike my dreams, where for 40 years it never occurred to me that I even MIGHT be dreaming – one lucid dream later, & everything has changed. I now know I want to achieve a conscious state while I’m asleep & “dreaming,” & see all I’d be able to do. Manipulate space, time, space time? It’s going to take practice & focus. I have yet to have another. I know I’m at the tip of a waterfall of Beauty 🙂 I’ve had many dreams since, but I’m still oblivious in them. I’m trying to train myself to ask myself, ‘Maybe you’re asleep/dreaming right now,’ so that it might become more natural to ask myself that while I’m asleep.

With the OBE, here’s the difference: I’M FULLY CONSCIOUS! Automatically. No effort required. It’s always & only happened on nights where my body was so friggen exhausted, that it fell asleep before my mind did. Then I would feel myself floating up to the ceiling. It got very windy. I heard a very loud train. There were flashing lights, like strobes; & the Vibrations. Insane. So unbelievably intense, they scare me – they’re what has kept me from succeeding again – I become gripped with fear. I haven’t had an OBE since I became consciously aware of what they were.

Oh but with Consciousness, what one can do !! There is such an incredible well of Love, Beauty & Magic in the Universe, seen when one figures out how to see with their ‘Spirit Eyes.’ Gotta keep working on developing, stretching & expanding my Consciousness.

So I can’t help but wonder that if every night I spend 8 hours in a place I thought was ‘reality‘, how do I know I’m not asleep & dreaming this ‘reality’ right now that I think I’m awake in ..


Experts Have Discovered the First Lucid Dreaming Technique to be Independently Verified

Experts Have Discovered the First Lucid Dreaming Technique to be Independently Verified




The Bar & Restaurant Industry (Pt 1): Young & Starstruck

“Anyone interested in eating in a restaurant should be required to work in one first.” One can really only truly understand this if they work in the industry.

Oh the things we see, hear, & do in bars & restaurants! May 2017 marked my 20yr anniversary & it’s been a helluva ride. An accurate description of me on the job would be something my friend Heidi’s sister said to me one night about 15yrs ago that I’ll never forget:

‘Karin, I’ve been watching you tonight, you have this incredible gift of making every single person feel like the most important person in the room!’

Right on! I’ve always quoted Confucius when explaining my passion: ‘When you love your job you’ll never work a day in your life!’ It’s nice to be appreciated when you’re doing something you love – I seemed to excel at the lost art of customer service.


I spent the first 7yrs as a bartender, landing my first job with none other than Club Med. I talk about the importance & necessity of travel & experiences rather than acquiring stuff in my blog To Spend or Not To Spend: Experiences vs. Things. With only my bartending certificate in hand & zero actual experience, I stepped behind the bar for the first time in Eleuthera, Bahamas for my first contract, then moving onto Provo, Turks & Caicos for my next.

What a year – a very drunken one. I was once given a gold pendant from a guest, right off their very own neck, that said ‘Party Animal,’ as they stated “I’ve never seen anyone party like you!” After that whole Mexico fiasco (The Importance of Finding Yourself) & regrettably back in Montreal, I worked at a variety of places, trying to gain as much experience in as many areas as I could, sure one day I’d eventually be running my own place.

From the St. Laurent nightclubs with the barely there dresses, making sure to guard my buns from the sleezy bosses with the grabby hands always trying to make a move; to the pool halls scattered with drug dealers, men in suits & tattooed bikers, thankful for the bouncer breaking up any scuffles; to pubs like the Peel Pub (Montreal’s most popular party place & watering hole) with really cheap beer & dollar shot specials – me navigating my way through the obstacle course of drunken patrons with my tray overflowing with shots in my one hand, high above my head & 5 pitchers of beer in the other. What that place (& the people in it) looked like at 3am when the lights came on I dare not say.

There was the summer season spent on a river cruise ship out of the Old Port of Montreal. We’d cruise on the St. Lawrence, me getting a kick out of ‘standing still’ bartending, but constantly tilting left or the right as the boat did. (Sounds silly now, but that was my first time working on a boat.) We had Molson boat parties on Friday nights, setting sail at midnight til 3am, with people at the bar four rows deep, so thirsty we were unable to get them their drinks fast enough. I did many a banquet, wedding & private party, sometimes through friends but mostly through catering companies. The coolest place I ever worked was this millionaire’s underground bunker/loft.

Was that place ever something!

You walked in & the first thing that greeted you was a Ducati motorcycle & an F1 car. To the left there was a big lounge area, with sofas & hightops, just like a bar. In the middle was a huge kitchen, with an island/countertop at least 20ft long. There was a wine cellar housing hundreds of bottles of the finest wines. In the back, there was a poker room, with a built-in black leather poker table, with drink holders & surrounding round red & black leather couch; behind that room, a gorgeous rectangular marble hot tub that could fit at least 8 & next to that a marble Roman-type shower that could probably fit close to a dozen. I heard rumors about the wild after-parties that took place there after our shift ended.

But after the trauma of 2004, everything changed. 2:43am: “I Hope My Murder Wakes My Neighbors.”

I couldn’t bartend anymore. I couldn’t stand being another lonely man’s eye candy, making conversation while he ogled my breasts. Rule #1 in the bars: “Don’t ever tell clients you have a boyfriend / girlfriend. You’re single, got it? ‘Gotta ‘Sell the Dream!'” Rule #2 was: ‘Don’t ever refuse a shot from a client! You lose 2 sales, yours & his!’

.. as long as they weren’t trying to make us into sleazes or alcoholics ..

I was no longer interested in selling the dream. I had just lived a nightmare. And with that I started to do the job I swore I’d never do: Server. I used to always say, ‘Screw servers, they’re servants, just running around in circles all night.’ I thought I was better than them, thought I was hot shit. Bartenders can be a cocky bunch – I was no exception. ‘I don’t run around. I stay right here; they can come to me.’

Not to mention bartenders make more money. But then there’s all that goes with it – that damned inventory, that damned restocking of the fridge, the damned balancing of your cash – while you’re somewhere between tipsy, drunk & hammered. Having dinner at 4am. Getting home when the sun came up. Sleeping all day. Rinse, repeat.

My favorite (albeit cockiest) memory of bartending was at Club Med Turkoise, Turks & Caicos. One night reception raced over to our dinner table to let us know they were expecting the arrival of a Calvin Klein model any minute. I’ve never seen a group of women jump up from a table & flock to the bathroom mirrors so fast. With the start of my shift fast approaching, I hurriedly took my place behind the bar, knowing that’d be the first place they’d hit upon arriving. “Who is it, who is it?’ is all we could think of.

Doesn’t Antonio Sabato, Jr. (famously known as Jagger on General Hospital) walk up with his cousin Joe, a nightclub owner in Miami!

I gave them a ‘Hey,’ as casually as I could, & asked them what they’d like to drink. “Make us something good,” Joe says. (In Montreal my friends & I concocted a drink that became so popular they began selling it at our favorite hangout, Cheers. We named it after a popular movie at the time,”Twister.” Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum, orange juice, 7up, & a splash of grenadine.)

“This is really good. You know what you can hang with us,” Joe says. To which I replied, “Oh no you can hang with me.” Cocky? Fuck yeah. But it worked.

Next thing I know I spent the entire week hanging with Antonio, sometimes his cousin Joe, I met his sister & some other family/entourage members. I had dinner with them in the restaurant after it closed to the guests, so he wouldn’t be disturbed & we could eat in peace. We took dips in the pool, chatting away, & some days I lay on the beach next to him suntanning, opening my eyes & sneaking a peek every once in awhile in disbelief, trying to memorize his tattoos & I guess his body in general loll I was after all, just 26, & it was the first time I’d ever hung out with someone so famous, & so damn beautiful! (That was back when I was young & foolish & stupidly focused only on outer beauty.)

Some afternoons we played a few games of pool at the table by the bar, with the occasional coworker walking by mouthing ‘Oh my God,’ ‘What the fuck’ & other ‘niceties,’ visibly annoyed. Perhaps they thought I had ‘snagged’ him; but no, there was no snagging. We just hung out like buddies cuz I treated him like a normal person. Secretly I was swooning on the inside; of course I washe was kind, beautiful, friendly, respectful, funny & did I mention drop dead gorgeous?

But looking back now, I’m happy with my memory, just as it is 😉 It was a week I’ll never forget.

You have no idea who I am, but thanks for the memories Antonio xo


Neon Dreams

So hot right now! Have you heard of Canadian band Neon Dreams?!

Neon Dreams: Matt Gats, Frank Kadillac, Adrian Morris, & Corey LeRue – a Canadian four-piece EDM band from Halifax, Nova Scotia, that defies genre pigeonholing, as they draw freely upon pop, rock, EDM, hiphop & reggae elements, integrating & blending them in seamless & thrilling fashion.

They have rapidly emerged as one of the brightest new stars on the Canadian music horizon but their success story has long & deep roots. They first made an impact on Canadian radio in 2016 with their breakout single “Marching Bands,” featuring Kardinal Offishall. Certified gold, the smash hit brought Neon Dreams victory in the Best New Group or Solo Artist (Dance/Urban/Rhythmic) category at the 2017 Canadian Radio Music Awards in Toronto.

They are currently on their ‘The Good Days Tour’ & are donating $1 from each ticket sale to We Charity, formerly known as Free The Children. Gotta love that!

Tell me this doesn’t make you feel good?! I’m going to see them October 16th in Montreal!! So hot right now!