The Dussourd 7.

Heartbreaking: Boston mom Maryetta Dussourds feels responsible for her boys getting molested; her 3 sons & her 4 nephews. SEVEN boys in ONE family – does that maybe give you a better indication of the sheer number of victims worldwide? Denial doesn’t change the fact that there is a global epidemic of men who can’t seem to stop raping little girls & boys.

She feels guilty because she didn’t protect them, because she should have known, because she invited the priest into her home – she thought he was her friend.

Oh sweetheart – but that’s what they do! 

All your guilty of is being a good-hearted person who trusted a priest – somebody who is supposed to be trustworthy in the first place. Somebody who portrays himself as holy & sacred & all that bullshit – all just a cover for the fact that they are vile, depraved rapists & child molesters that have been shuffled around the catholic church by the vatican for decades,  mastering “under the rug sweepery” & ensuring that it continues. 

This is why I do this.

And people still go to church every week,  putting money in that fraudulent collection plate. You’re just making the rich richer while you struggle, living paycheck-to-paycheck, trying to find the money for  Jessie’s college tuition AND Timmy’s braces. Yet you sit there listening and taking advice from somebody who is he is lying to your face, molesting your children, & siphoning /emptying your bank account. WHY?

This is why I do this.

Last time I checked – it’s been awhile – the vatican has paid out around $7 billion since the 50s to silence the victims of their abuse.

This is why I do this. 

To help those who can’t tell. 

I can spot them from a mile away. 

People always say about a predator who was their neighbor or a family member, “Oh there’s no way, but he’s so nice, are you sure, it can’t be, no one ever suspected, he’s too kind & good to do something like that,  etc, etc, etc .

They work in positions with access to children, in positions where what they do is a total abuse of power – among many other & much more depraved things. They are in positions in our communities, in our schools, for our teams, sometimes it’s the doctor or the dentist ..  

Those who are meant to be trusted.

Those are exactly the people who do it – it makes perfect sense for them to portray the opposite of what they are, when in public, to ensure that what they do in private is never discovered.

I’m here to tell you they are the last people that should be trusted.

See story: 

“A revered guest; a family left in shreds” 

Also SEE #Spotlight #Movie = ONE CITY 

Well at least your kids won’t have to deal with any of these groups of people:

Whew – that was close🔥
Oh .. wait …. 

#Pedophilia = 

  • #Doctors 
  • #Lawyers 
  • #Coaches 
  • #Teachers 
  • #Priests 

Shame on anyone who has ever looked the other way & enabled a child to be molested. Congratulations on participating in the crushing of that child’s Spirit .. forever changing them. 

I’d take 5 minutes in a room with each & every one of those predators. 

And I don’t even have children. 

But I used to be a child 😢 & I remember. 

So now I’ll fight for you, little one. 

Yup sadly I was a victim. You guessed that though, right? Pretty obvious; but time ran out for my justice. I took too long in remembering & realizing what happened, coming to terms with it,  mustering up the strength to face it, & building up the strength to deal with it ..  

Even now, at 46, it still fucks me up. It fucks one up in so many ways. But apparently I’m one of the lucky ones – I’m still here. Oh I did my very best to destroy myself via the whole alcohol & drug escape route. I really did. I mean really. I’m still processing all of the crazy shit I went through from the age of 17 when I left home to about 31 – when I started waking up. 

Thank “whoever’s responsible for creating our existence here” that I did. 

I talk about an awful lot of things cuz I’ve been through an awful lot of things .. 

But there is that so much that I still haven’t even mentioned .. 


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