Jumping Out of a Perfectly Good Plane: The Anatomy of a Skydive

To pick just one ‘Place in the World‘ that I call my own, what would I choose?

How can I choose – how do you pick just one? So many places, so little time.

I guess I’ll go with the one that soars above it all, free like bird, flying so high. There is nothing like jumping out of a perfectly good plane! Here’s a play-by-play of jump #6 😉

Jumping Out of a Perfectly Good Plane: The Anatomy of a Skydive

Pure Joy 🙂

The instructors laugh when I tell them it’s not my first jump. They keep asking me ‘When are you going to get certified?!’ Maybe had I done it at 26, after my first 4 jumps in Turks & Caicos. Back before ‘life’ happened. I just don’t think I could do it alone now – my anxiety/ptsd causes me to panic first & ask questions after – no room for that in solo skydiving! I’m perfectly happy with tandem* 😉

He worries about the important stuff – I just get to enjoy the ride!

Everyone should do it once!

The Health Benefits of Skydiving

10 Important Moments in Skydiving History

Ready to Jump?

Skydiving is an amazing experience & has evolved over more than 500 years. Each year, about 500,000 people in the US try skydiving for the first time. Today, more than 10 million men & women throughout the country can say they’ve made at least one skydive.

*Tandem skydiving is a type of skydiving where the ‘student’ jumps from a plane attached to a qualified instructor, sharing one set of parachuting equipment between them. These days, tandem skydiving is the most popular way to experience the first jump – but it’s not always been that way –> In the early 80s, tandem skydiving was still in ‘experimental’ status; it was being tested but had yet to be classified as a full sport. The FAA (Federation Aviation Administration) waived the experimental status, opening the door for tandem skydiving to grow in popularity.


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