Twisted Curiosity

So Apparently Some Think the Earth is Flat? You don’t say? Really? Interesting.

I wonder why ..

Isn’t that a little twisted ? Well tickle me Curious.

Human Behavior – it’s fascinating. It’s frightening. Either way it’s mind-blowing.

I like to observe. I’m simply observing. And the thing I see the most is the amount of ridicule pummeled at anyone who would even suggest such an absurdity.

I wonder why ..

This week I simply mentioned to my curious-as-me-about-everything buddy that I’d been watching some vids about Nasa & their “bloopers.” The first thing out of his mouth was, ‘Did you see the flat earth stuff?’ I laughed. We laughed. ‘Interesting,’ we said in unison. Having skydived 6 times now, I said ‘But I’ve been up there, only as high as 13,500ft but I know I’ve seen the curvature.’ So I pulled up my untouched/unfiltered/unedited pics, from skydive photographer @ Nouvel Air Skydiving & we checked them out:

I see curvature:received_170946646956955

Yup, still there:received_170946656956954

Um, where did it go:received_170946590290294

Lookin’ kinda really straight:received_170946813623605

Concave?? What the heck.received_170946883623598

Yup I see ‘concave-ness:’received_170946906956929

What’s with the ‘concave-ness?:’received_170946926956927

He sent them to some engineering friends to take a look-see; they’re curious too. Those in Fear will say ‘camera effects or the lens or etc.’ while simultaneously believe everything they see on screens; & that the government /media / Nasa / whoever would never lie to them!  Then they’ll quote a controlled opposition-er .. the Rabbit Hole goes very deep. Who knows. Anything is possible. Keep digging. Never let anyone tell you what to believe. Think For Yourself!

Curiosity is healthy. Conforming is not.

I’m going to enjoy this research; I never looked into it, it sounded so absurd. But then I’d be ridiculing without investigating for myself, wouldn’t I? And we don’t do that here.


Seriously what’s the big deal? People lose their minds if you bring it up; locked into their illusion of reality, they will fight to the death to keep it undisturbed.

Human Behavior – it’s fascinating. It’s frightening. Either way it’s mind-blowing.

The world can be a triangle if it wants to be for all I care. Not attached to any outcome. What intrigues me is the amount of ridicule tossed at those who suggest it – red flag. Maybe the Flat Earth Society is ‘Controlled Opposition,’ maybe Nasa .. might they be ‘reverse-reverse-psychology-ing-us’ ? The possibilities are endless.

They’ve’ lied to us about so much in the world – but it’s a stretch to think they could’ve lied to us about the world itself ? Surely you jest. It’s no stretch at all. Nonsense. It’s sad that in this world we are so pushed to conform. Who cares what your neighbor thinks, really. People must get over their need-of-being-right. Let Go. Detach.

Thankfully, the way people react when such things are brought up is extremely telling about where they are in their awakening process. Extremely. That’s why I’ll enjoy this research, the reactions will reveal all I need to know about those reacting 😉

If you ridicule it but you’ve never actually looked into it yourself – be careful your ignorance is showing ..









The Dussourd 7.

Heartbreaking: Boston mom Maryetta Dussourds feels responsible for her boys getting molested; her 3 sons & her 4 nephews. SEVEN boys in ONE family – does that maybe give you a better indication of the sheer number of victims worldwide? Denial doesn’t change the fact that there is a global epidemic of men who can’t seem to stop raping little girls & boys.

She feels guilty because she didn’t protect them, because she should have known, because she invited the priest into her home – she thought he was her friend.

Oh sweetheart – but that’s what they do! 

All your guilty of is being a good-hearted person who trusted a priest – somebody who is supposed to be trustworthy in the first place. Somebody who portrays himself as holy & sacred & all that bullshit – all just a cover for the fact that they are vile, depraved rapists & child molesters that have been shuffled around the catholic church by the vatican for decades,  mastering “under the rug sweepery” & ensuring that it continues. 

This is why I do this.

And people still go to church every week,  putting money in that fraudulent collection plate. You’re just making the rich richer while you struggle, living paycheck-to-paycheck, trying to find the money for  Jessie’s college tuition AND Timmy’s braces. Yet you sit there listening and taking advice from somebody who is he is lying to your face, molesting your children, & siphoning /emptying your bank account. WHY?

This is why I do this.

Last time I checked – it’s been awhile – the vatican has paid out around $7 billion since the 50s to silence the victims of their abuse.

This is why I do this. 

To help those who can’t tell. 

I can spot them from a mile away. 

People always say about a predator who was their neighbor or a family member, “Oh there’s no way, but he’s so nice, are you sure, it can’t be, no one ever suspected, he’s too kind & good to do something like that,  etc, etc, etc .

They work in positions with access to children, in positions where what they do is a total abuse of power – among many other & much more depraved things. They are in positions in our communities, in our schools, for our teams, sometimes it’s the doctor or the dentist ..  

Those who are meant to be trusted.

Those are exactly the people who do it – it makes perfect sense for them to portray the opposite of what they are, when in public, to ensure that what they do in private is never discovered.

I’m here to tell you they are the last people that should be trusted.

See story: 

“A revered guest; a family left in shreds” 

Also SEE #Spotlight #Movie = ONE CITY 

Well at least your kids won’t have to deal with any of these groups of people:

Whew – that was close🔥
Oh .. wait …. 

#Pedophilia = 

  • #Doctors 
  • #Lawyers 
  • #Coaches 
  • #Teachers 
  • #Priests 

Shame on anyone who has ever looked the other way & enabled a child to be molested. Congratulations on participating in the crushing of that child’s Spirit .. forever changing them. 

I’d take 5 minutes in a room with each & every one of those predators. 

And I don’t even have children. 

But I used to be a child 😢 & I remember. 

So now I’ll fight for you, little one. 

Yup sadly I was a victim. You guessed that though, right? Pretty obvious; but time ran out for my justice. I took too long in remembering & realizing what happened, coming to terms with it,  mustering up the strength to face it, & building up the strength to deal with it ..  

Even now, at 46, it still fucks me up. It fucks one up in so many ways. But apparently I’m one of the lucky ones – I’m still here. Oh I did my very best to destroy myself via the whole alcohol & drug escape route. I really did. I mean really. I’m still processing all of the crazy shit I went through from the age of 17 when I left home to about 31 – when I started waking up. 

Thank “whoever’s responsible for creating our existence here” that I did. 

I talk about an awful lot of things cuz I’ve been through an awful lot of things .. 

But there is that so much that I still haven’t even mentioned .. 

‘Whistleblower vs Leaker’ What’s the Difference? (One is Legal & Within Your Rights)

Why it’s Whistleblowing!

It’s even a “Legally Protected Right”!

But you don’t see them broadcasting that much do you? They don’t want you to know that. Cuz they want you to keep their secrets! 

So what’s a leaker?  “When used by those in political power, ‘leaker’ is often used to imply one who releases unauthorized information is doing something wrong & possibly criminal.

And a whistleblower? “Whistleblowing is the disclosing information by an employee who reasonably believes evidences a violation of law, rule or regulation; gross mismanagement; gross waste of funds; abuse of authority; a substantial & specific danger to public health or safety; or scientific censorship that would result in these forms of misconduct.”

Then they “gaslighting-ly” label you a leaker instead, to smear & slander you. They not only squash your rights, but try to keep you from knowing you even have them!

It’s imperative one know the difference between the two & what protection is available when they come forward:

Want to see how Gaslighting is used to fool & confuse the masses? Gaslighting is by far one of the worst things I’ve ever had to go through. The Worst. And I’ve been through a helluva lot of fucked up shit! 

👉 Once got mugged & the shit kicked outta me by 2 guys while on vacay in Cancun, Mexico. 👉 Was once summoned to an empty apartment by a loan shark’s lackey to watch my then bf get his ass kicked in front of me while I was held against my will & forced to watch – all for not paying his weekly into his debt on time. That happened shortly after I learned he was a compulsive gambler. And cuz when it rains it pours – not long after that I discovered there was a second loan shark. 

I’d rather go through one of those again than ever get gaslighted again. 

Gaslighting is an incredibly dangerous mind control & manipulation tool.

One of the happiest days of my life was when I learned of the existence & definition of “Gaslighting.” It’s one of the most fucked up things I’ve survived. 
First the Spin:

“The aggressive prosecutions of intelligence whistleblowers by using the rhetoric of “leakersfeeds into the narrative that whistleblowing is a crime, or a threat to national security, even though most leaks of information, & most whistleblowing, have nothing to do with national security or intelligence matters & do not involve classified information.”

Read it again. Do you see what they just did? It’s called Gaslighting – it’s a very dangerous covert way of mind control & manipulation.  

 Whistleblowing is NOT a crime. Ban the Criminalization of Whistleblowers! 

Referring to legitimate whistleblowing as leaking gives cover to actions that support the rhetorical implication that such speech is something unlawful rather than protected.”

There’s a year of blogs in that snippet in time. Those 2 years were complete & total hell. Back then I didn’t even know gaslighting was a thing. Fuck I didn’t even know compulsive gambling was a thing!! What I went through with that spawn of surely-the-devil-himself is something that I think will blow people’s minds. (That’s a whole year of blogs I need to get started on.) 

Once I’ve emptied my being of all the trauma, I know I’ll experience a freedom like never before 🎉😉🎉 



Project Spade & The Enablers of the Land of Illusion

“From a nondescript warehouse on the #Queensway, Brian Way sold thousands of videos & images to customers around the world. #Toronto #Police raided his offices in 2011 & gathered 187,000 images & over 8,000 videos & it triggered the largest child porn bust in Canadian history – one of the largest anywhere, involving police in 90 countries. 

Before the so-called #ProjectSpade bust was over, police arrested & charged hundreds of Way’s customers internationally – including #doctors, #lawyers, #coaches, #teachers & #priests.”

Doctors. Lawyers. Coaches. Teachers. Priests.

You don’t say. Geeeez, that’s a lot of people that people automatically trust. And they’re ALL PEDOPHILES.

See my previous blog: The Colossal Arrogance & Total Lack of Awareness of Predators: Canada, Brian Way & Azoz Films

Canada’s biggest child porn case ends with conviction on 15 charges

Take off those glasses – the ones with the pinkish hue.

Stop being an enabler of the Land Of Illusion!


All Joking Aside

Narcissism is no laughing matter.

Especially when you’re an empath.

It’s hard for us to understand the sheer disregard for anyone else’s feelings, when what we do best is empathize. It’s been said that narcissists have very low self-esteem & they pomp themselves up to compensate for that – cuz there’s no way they’re gonna address the root. ‘Problem .. what problem?!’ They can’t face it, or themselves, or the pain. The definition of a narcissistic sociopath is eerily similar to gaslighting: a terrifyingly twisted ‘game’ of confusion brought on by manipulation.

They take a very long & twisted road – but where they arrive is at the opposite end of the spectrum they seem to be aiming for. The Opposite again. Do you see how many times it’s The Opposite? I talk about that a lot. I see it everywhere. If I had a nickel for every thing/person/org that is in reality the exact opposite of what they portray, I’d be rich ..

This week I read that a narcissist is just an unaware empath. Not sure how I feel about that – not resonating at the moment. Psychology Today recently stated that new research has shown that in fact, they derive much pleasure from successful manipulations. How sad. What assholes.

Or – what seriously damaged individuals. How horrible was the thing they endured that made them this way?

I don’t believe they can’t change. Anybody can change.

Anybody can heal – it just takes the guts, the balls, to say fuck it; to go where the pain is, to deal, to heal – and then you can move on.

My take? It’s twisted, ridiculous & totally unnecessary – especially when the opposite requires just a smidgen of the energy & effort.

If it’s so important to look like the King of Everything, you’d think their tactics would be a lot nicer, a lot kinder, no? How do they reconcile ‘hiding themselves for fear of being not enough,’ ‘manipulating others to get what they want,’ & ‘total disregard for how it might affect their target’ as actions that show they aren’t exactly as what they’re trying to hide?


Notice how you feel after you interact with each person in your life. If you feel better, they are a positive influence in your life. If you feel worse – tired, drained, bummed out, lethargic, etc. they are a negative influence in your life. Let that be your map of who to keep & who to let go.


Hillary Clinton Stands By Her Defense of 1975 Rape Suspect: Thomas Alfred Taylor


“Laughing while discussing the case, Clinton “de-legitimized the legitimate claims of the 12-year-old victim, & slandered the victim to justify her tactics.”

Victim speaks:

EXCLUSIVE: Child rape victim comes forward – first time in 40 yrs – calls Hillary Clinton ‘liar’ who defended her rapist by smearing her, blocking evidence & callously laughing that she knew he was guilty.”

Actual victim Kathy Shelton:


What happened in 1975:

The Washington Free Beacon obtained audio from a 1980s interview with Clinton & she concedes some admittedly disquieting information about how she was able to seize on loopholes to minimize the sentence of the suspect, 41-year-old Thomas Alfred Taylor. He faced 30 years to life in prison – Clinton negotiated a plea deal that sentenced him to just 1 year in county jail & 4 years of probation. In the recording, Clinton indicated she believed her client was indeed guilty. Heard laughing, she said the polygraph test he managed to pass “forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs.” 

CBS: ‘Hillary Clinton Stands By Her Defense of 1975 Rape Suspect’ & ‘The Hillary Tapes’

We live in a very fucked up world. Yes, it’s a lawyers job to defend their client – many of whom are actually guilty. But most lawyers don’t take such joy in it. It’s friggen everywhere – do you see it?

Would be nice to see an end to the Global Epidemic of Pedophilia sometime soon.




The Colossal Arrogance & Total Lack of Awareness of Predators: Canada, Brian Way & Azoz Films

On May 12, 2015 in a verdict that came as a surprise to no one, Brian Way: “Canada’s biggest child porn case” ends with a conviction on 15 charges. Mr. Way was being evaluated by a psychiatric while awaiting sentencing. [17] 

(See: Azov Films Prosecutions – Canada)

But in an Oh-The-Irony moment:

On June 8, 2016, Brian Way seeks stay of conviction, claiming abuse by jail guards.[18]

Excuse me, what??

Oh cry me a fuckin’ river.

From the Waterloo Chronicle: “Way made the allegations at a recent sentencing hearing in Toronto; he testified about being made to strip & ‘pirouette like a ballet dancer,’ left naked in a cell, punched in the face by a guard & ‘sexually assaulted’ by a court officer.”[19]

On August 8, it was reported that Mr. Way’s sentence was reduced by six months due to the psychical & sexual abuse he was forced to endure while in jail. [20]

Awww that must have been awful! Poor fuckin’ baby.

Cry me another fuckin’ river.

Am I in crazyland?

“From a nondescript warehouse on the Queensway, Way sold thousands of videos & images to customers around the world. When Toronto Police raided his offices in 2011 & gathered 187,000 images & more than 8,000 videos, it triggered the largest child pornography bust in Canadian history & one of the largest anywhere, involving police in 90 countries. Before the so-called Project Spade bust was over, police arrested & charged hundreds of Way’s customers internationally — including doctors, lawyers, coaches, teachers & priests.” Canada’s biggest child porn case ends with conviction on 15 charges

**He’s just like the fucker who broke into my apartment with the intent to rape me, as he climbed on top of my while I slept, ensuring he had immobilized all my parts that could’ve helped me defend myself. **The cocksucker had the gall to attempt the same thing on a neighbor right after, & when my other neighbors caught him before he broke in & held him down, waiting for the cops – he actually yelled, “Rape, Help, Rape!**

“2:43: I Hope My Murder Wakes My Neighbors”

The fuckin’ gall. But nothing wrong with the raping others right?! Don’t to it to YOU, but everyone else is ok. Wow. It’s enough to make me wanna bang my head against a brick wall. Everything is so backasswords. Can you believe this shit??!!


We’re gonna need more Oscars …..

Controlled Opposition 

Many haven’t a clue what it is. All should.