Disrupting the Norm

Disrupt the ordinary. Never conform. Be an original.

Never one to follow the herd, I beat to the tune of a very different drum. I wonder sometimes, how come I knew to do that at such a young age? When so many are still in such a deep sleep? Is it all the trauma? Almost dying? That kind of stuff just jolts you awake?

I think so. That’s how it happened for me anyway.

But I wouldn’t change a thing 🙂 The best thing that ever happened to me was waking up. Every day I look forward to what kind of elegant mysteries & curious adventures the Universe will bring 😉




12 Comments on “Disrupting the Norm

  1. Almost dying? Did I read that right? What was your near death experience? I’m a cancer survivor myself who was given 6 months to live almost 12 years ago. Would love to hear your story.

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    • Hey! Yes you did.
      But congrats to you xoxo I can’t imagine your battle.
      L’il different for me – I survived a horrible attack – woke up with a stranger on top of me in my bed, straddling me, pinning me down, & in sheer terror. In the chaos I remember hoping my ‘murder’ would be loud enough to wake a neighbour before I died. You can’t comprehend wtf is happening in such a moment.
      Couldn’t sleep in a bed for a whole year. Every night when I put my head down I feared going through that terror again, & every morning I woke up surprised to be there.
      So glad to be past that ..
      Never really goes away though.
      Was a rough realization to know people really do that shit & it’s not just in the movies ..

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      • Sadly, I’ve experienced a similar situation but the guy on top of me was someone I had known and been friends with since I was 14 years old. It’s almost like he waited patiently for the perfect opportunity to take what he wanted and violate me in the process. I still haven’t been able to forgive him, one of the few I just can’t…yet, hopefully. Thanks for sharing your story. I feel your pain.
        ❤️ ~ fullcircle

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      • Absolutely! 😋 I believe there are only two words through which people view the world – one is love, one is fear. All the other emotions stem from those two. And since what we do affects others & the world, if we want a happy life with minimal suffering we must choose to input positivity & have emanate a ripple effect of love joy & kindness👩‍🎓

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