FTC Investigates: YouTube & Google: They Censor Opposing Political Views – but Pedophilia? No Problem!

Finally! Fine the shit outta Google – they’re one of the biggest breachers of privacy!
Puttin’ it VERY mildly there aren’t ya Senator Edward Markey? The “privacy of children is ALREADY compromised on YouTube: it’s a hunting ground for pedophiles!
Where have you been? C’mon Juliana Gruenwald Henderson @ the FTC! Do nothing & you’re complicit. Sue the effin’ pants off of these deceiving propagandists. I implore you, do something; & after the surface cleanup, head down to the dark web – lots to cleanup down there. 
Don’t these people have kids of their own? 

What if it was your child?!

I cry for all the children on this earth; robbed of their innocence, trust, their spirits crushed .. all at the hands of predators that the current constructs let roam free & bend over backwards to protect. Nothing grinds my gears more than the continual preying on children by a bunch of perverts who see nothing wrong with their perversions; & the protection of those depraved deviants. The very people supposed to be protecting the children, are doing anything but!
 #Government #CIA #NSA#Weaponized SocialMedia 
#Propaganda #Disinformation #Narrative #Agenda

 Something must be done.



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