Choices: Are Yours Helping or Hurting You?

What makes me smile the most right now is joy.

My joy – an infinite supply resides inside this endless well I found 🙂

My version – my ‘silly goofy joy’ – shows me that I’m very much in touch with my inner child & that play is never too far away 😉 Having waited ’til the ripe ol’ age of 44 to see if I had a creative side to tap into – I love the cuteness I create 🙂 I never really know what will become – no thoughts involved in this heartfelt expression – I am just open, just free, just me; & like a bridge, a beacon .. I’m a channel, & I feel the Universe flow through me.



Life is so much sweeter when you do;

It’s a look that looks really, really good on you.

When you’re smiling –

You are happy

Kinda hard not t’ be

And you’ll realize –

That all along

You never needed a reason.

A look in style at every season.

So come what may – or what may not;

When you never expect – you’re never without

Don’t let a frown drown you down


down ..

You are the master of your domain

& from suffering you refrain.

When you break free from those chains,

You’ll see –

Nothing’s ever quite the same.

#Awakening #Consciousness #Awareness




2 Comments on “Choices: Are Yours Helping or Hurting You?

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