Stella 🎸

Ask anyone who knew me from my “I’m going to teach myself acoustic guitar” days & they’ll remember my friends laughter at my frustration of not being ‘Jimi Hendrix’ in two weeks. After months of inconsistent self-lessons from youtube, notes n chords practiced in front of the tv, trying to build up those callouses, I realized that this is a lot harder than I ever thought. So many things interest me, & I start too much that I don’t finish. I’ve been the Queen of starting stuff I don’t finish for far too long!


But being a server in the restaurant industry, where ‘picking things up with my hands’ is a big part of my job, my callous success interfered with work: my ‘not being able to grab anything with my hands’ had me yelping in pain & I dropped it as fast as I picked it up. My beautiful blue acoustic, nicknamed “Stella,” purchased online & exchanged in a shopping mall parking lot, now sits in the corner of my room in it’s case & has become nothing more than a dust magnet. One day I’ll try again!

Hats off to all the guitarists in the world!

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We must Encourage, Inspire & Motivate each other. There’s way too much of the opposite & the world is suffering. A truly authentic person with good intentions will want you to 'rise high' - even if it's 'higher than them.' The world is asleep but it's time to wake up. Everyone has a right to Life, Freedom, Joy & Peace. I can't stand seeing people deceived on such a global scale for nefarious gains. Shining a light on the colossal corruption & pedophilia epidemics. In the dark the cockroach thrives, but in the light it cannot survive.

3 thoughts on “Stella 🎸

    1. I just loooove acoustic guitar sooo much 🎸 Just thought it’d be a l’il easier 😶 I’m laughing at my incredible lack of patience too loll It’s crazy how impatient I am 🙄
      Hope you’re doing well xo
      Thanks for stopping by 💗⚘😊


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