🎤Billy Joel: I’m Sorry We Never Put That Fire Out🔥

The World has Gone Crazy. Mad. Off it’s Rocker. 

Trying to Stay Sane in an Insane World.

In 1989, Billy Joel told us that the world was on fire. It was still turning; but it was on fire. Quick – where’s the extinguisher? Hello! Hello?? Where did everyone go?!

‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’ by Billy Joel

Where is everbody? Why didn’t anyone put the fire out? Wasn’t anybody thinking? What .. fuel …. was added to the fire? Not by accident .. ?

But it wasn’t us. We want to save the world. ‘You-know-who’ did it. Maybe even with smiles on their faces. The world destroyers. And those crusty old embers need to die out.

I always liked that song – even then I thoroughly enjoyed hearing someone ‘stickin’ it to the man.’ Looking back now I guess I have Billy Joel to thank for planting a seed in my consciousness, & playing a part in my awakening. Muchas gracias Senor. It was 1989 – me a 17 yr old HS senior & already long a Rebel 😎 But it was the first time I heard someone list so many of the screwed up things in the world, in one shot like that. And it’s bothered me ever since.  

Seems that’s when the Activist seed was also planted.  Thanks 🙂 PlantTheSeeds

So .. what the hell is this world we live in right now?? Where am I?? Did I take a wrong turn somewhere, winding up on the set of some sick & twisted play? Sure feels like it. Many will say, “It’ll get worse before it gets better.”  SIGH 😣 Sucks; but I get it. I get annoyed quickly & at a lot; I freak out fast with this mix of intensity, passion & impatience. Not to mention my very thin psychological skin – or what’s left of it – after the 3 severe traumas / 6 yr span.

Ignorance. Hypocrisy. Deceit. Abuse. Corruption. Greed. Disinformation. Propaganda. Agendas.  Narratives.

If only I could rid the Earth of all these things in one fell swoop. Is it just me? 

A quick search confirmed that no in fact, it isn’t just me:

Collective Evolution  did this piece:  “What The Heck Is Going On?”

And From the Stars did this one:  “Is The World Going Crazy?”

From Mark Manson“Is It Just Me, Or Is the World Going Crazy?”

And Andrew Griffiths“How Can We Stay Sane When It Feels Like the World Is Going Crazy?”

And that, ladies & gentlemen, is what we call a theme. 

Not to mention this gem:  “A Human Describes the Ridiculousness of our System to an Alien”  A clever & accurate description of the backasswards bizarro world we live in, explained so simply, & sounding utterly ridiculous.  (source: FB page of Abnormal Society & on YouTube by Man Against the State.) 


I am drawn – compelled – to wake the masses; for several different reasons. What ‘grinds my gears’ the most, after the global epidemic of pedophilia – still holding at #1, of course – is seeing people, every year, trampling, actually trampling their neighbors to death on Black Friday. Oohh I need Serenity Now!! 😲😥😲😥 Not for the latest nikes / iphone / gadget / toy / nonsense? For serious?? My fellow humans killed one of our fellow humans?! For a THING? Surely you jest ..

Get. Me. Off. This. Fuckin’. Ride. 

Obviously it still needs to be mentioned! It really does – as long as there are still people hooked into the Matrix, still flat-out refusing to believe it exists, still brushing it off with ‘conspiracy theory.’ 

‘.. and pummeled into the minds of the sleepyhead sheeple with such a force that’ll jolt them awake & shake off that ignorance they embrace so proudly for good.’

They know not that they’re echoing propaganda. The Matrix’ tricks still have quite the hold on some. It bugs me so to see other humans get fooled. How can they not know .. or see through it .. & why can I? I alternate between wanting to help them & sometimes wanting to smack ’em in the head. Then I go away, work on myself .. come back, every once in a while I plant more seeds, try to wake a few more loll Another resonating characteristic of Dolores Cannon’s Second Waver. I fell in love with her after referring to myself as a ‘student of the universe’ for about 15 years; & then learned she called this planet ‘Earth School.’


Dolores Cannon refers to the Second Wavers as “channels, generators, and antennas,” and they generally project a very positive energy. There are just here to be. The energy they have in their body effects everyone they come in contact with. Many have chosen not to have children – as this creates karma – & they do not want to have to return to Earth after this life. They are very gentle, they could walk through a mall or a grocery store & affect everyone. They emanate a very positive energy. And just like the First Wavers, they just want to do their job & get out of here. They also are protected by a karmic shield because they don’t want to be stuck on Earth & unable to return home.” – Dolores Cannon

Geeez my ears are ringing ..

My Assessment of the Situation: The Ridiculous World of the Matrix:

So you turn on the “news” these days, & you’ll see them focusing on only the bad stuff; they love to instill fear. ‘Only the worst stories make the cut,’ as they search for the worst of the worst of the worst. Fear & hate being force fed to the masses – subliminally. Replaying & replaying & replaying the same thing over & over again & over again, subtly brainwashing you. Dr. Steven Greer states & proves, with a myriad of documents & witnesses, in his #1 documentary on i-tunes & amazon for well over 2 months now, “Unacknowledged” – that every major news center has a paid spy of sorts, steering the news stories to best suit their agendas. Enter Project Mockingbird.

That damn mainstream media. You’re more likely to get truth from tabloids, than ‘the news.’ That’s where the true stories go, so they can be ridiculed.

I stopped watching tv well over a year ago; the fakeness of it all made my skin crawl. These days I can only watch truth – documentaries, biographies, non-fiction stuff. I do watch 1 or 2 shows – online – far away from those ‘like nails on a chalkboard’ ads. Last week I ‘accidentally’ saw a few. All Big Pharma, pushing their poison. Legalized drug dealing. And every time one played, the one right after was an ad from a big law firm: A class action suit suing Big Pharma for their previous week’s pill. You catch my drift?

As you watch that TV, those blatantly fake & absolutely annoying ads try to convince you that you need what they’re selling. “Hey we’ll cure your itchy elbow with this pill we just invented yesterday! But it may cause swelling, nausea, dizziness, pink eye, trouble breathing, walking, talking, you could go blind, your limbs might fall off, you could have a heart attack, or it could be fatal! They warn you it could KILL you, but want you to take the chance! But hey – you won’t itch!!” Meanwhile, I want to smoke my perfectly safe joint, & I can’t. SMH.

You pay for insurance, but when you need them you’re denied. If you require surgery in the US, you better have medical insurance or they may refuse to treat you – remember their slogan: Profit Over People. They privatize prisons. Rather than help you, they profit from your mistakes. Even further – they have a say in the very making of the laws that put you in there – lining their pockets even more! They invent laws against things that are perfectly safe, so they can arrest more of you. It’s insane! Don’t even get me started on the 4000+ Free Energy patents lying on the patent room floor. They’re not actually, they’re on a black shelf way in the back. Squashed. Sometimes they squash the people too. Don’t take my word for it – look it up yourself. The info is all available online.

Some ‘american dream’ all right. Not yours though. Credit card companies & banks let you buy stuff with money you don’t have. They lend you money that doesn’t exist. Have you seen “The Big Short”?” Good God, watch that. Know whats going on. Research the Fed. There is so much truth out there, readily available online, a click away from where you spend your day. How can people still be so damn ignorant?!

CCA & GEO each spend well over $1 million a year contributing to political campaigns (plus untold lobbying costs likely in the tens of millions) in order to make sure that both the laws being written & the government contracts being handed down keep their private prisons stocked with inmates.”  Source: Private Prisons: American Slavery, Under New Management

They make things that have no business being illegal, illegal. Like Cannabis. Cannabis is so safe, it has never killed a single soul in the history of time & people. It’s more dangerous to eat a peanut, get stung by a bee, take a selfie, walk down the stairs, or take aspirin; all which have killed people & continue to. Cannabis = ZERO. That’s as safe as it gets. But this is a huge threat to Big Pharma – their propaganda campaign is relentless. They, on the other hand, ruthlessly kill hundreds of thousands of people per year. The numbers are staggering.

All wrapped in a pretty package called ‘treatment’.


Monsanto wears Hazmat suits spraying our ‘food’. GMO’s. Farmers getting killed for not using Monsanto’s seeds. Chemtrails. Carcinogens are in our products, our drinks, & what we refer to as ‘food.’ Scientology is probably the biggest cult ever. A man who was labeled a “quack” by the AMA after presenting them with his book ‘dianetics’, starts a ‘religion’ based on said quackery. Billion year contracts? $250,000 cost for courses? Do you know of any other ‘religion’ that costs a quarter of a million dollars to be a part of?

A white kid rapes a girl – he gets probation – cuz he’s a good student & a great football player, & we don’t want to ruin his future! Meanwhile the girl’s life will never be the same again. A black kid rapes a girl – he gets the max, maybe even life, maybe no parole. Or maybe he never even sees the inside of a jail cell, let alone a court, cuz he was executed on the spot by one of those white cops who skipped the “How to Subdue, Handcuff & Arrest a Suspect” class at the academy & just executes instantly – but then only gets a 1 month suspension – with pay. Even WITH video evidence in the victim’s favor. It’s Insane! RIP 😦


Blatant misuse of force & miscarriage of Justice. Google ‘Pedophile Priest’ & you’ll get over 1 million hits. Google ‘Pedophile Priest Gets Relocated to Another Church after Abuse Allegations/Charges” & count those hits.


Watch #Spotlight & #TheKeepers

One needs not scratch their head in wonder at the state of the world when half the world’s kids have to go through what they go through. That’s 1 out of every 2 kids. Don’t even bother to look up statistics. Nothing could be more inaccurate. Too many go unreported. Probably more than are reported. There is a world child pornography/pedophilia ring so big & so high you could cry – but nobody does it – everyone is innocent. Child & human trafficking is a BILLION dollar industry. And it’s not just priests – judges, doctors, lawyers, cops, Hollywood big-wigs, directors, producers – deep rabbit hole there. Coaches, uncles, teachers, bosses, fathers. Men kidnap young girls, sometimes their own daughters, lock them in basements, sometimes for years, even decades – some even have kids with their own children! Do some searches on cases in the UK. You can connect people like Jimmy Savile & Jeffrey Epstein through a simple Google search to politicians, government, presidents, royals, people at the vatican, CIA, MI, etc. Not to mention the so-called children services departments – who say they protect the children – but do just the opposite. The Opposite. It is all connected. Maybe MI stands for Matrix Intelligence 🤔

Not to mention all the USAP’s = Unacknowledged Secret Access Projects. Sigh. I’m so tired of all this. Aren’t You?  Sadly, I could go on – but that’s enough. It’s crap. All of it. And there’s a word for all that. It’s called the Matrix. ‘They’ want you to blindly follow the ‘american dream’ they’re trying to sell you – when it’s actually more of a twisted nightmare. Greed, corruption & bullshit. Complete disregard for our lives, health, future & the future of this planet. A broken system, secrecy, lies, deep cover-ups, injustice, wars, murders, kidnappings, executions. And they put it right out there in movies, hiding it in plain sight, disguised as: “Oh that’s just movie stuff! Fiction stuff!” 

I’m here to tell you – it isn’t. Everything is backassward. A real Bizarro world. The Opposite. Think George Costanza. “Do the Opposite.” So many things are the exact opposite of what they claim to be. Flip ’em. Mirrors. You’ll just hafta figure it out 😉 

Seriously. What are we doing? What are YOU doing?


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We must Encourage, Inspire & Motivate each other. There’s way too much of the opposite & the world is suffering. A truly authentic person with good intentions will want you to 'rise high' - even if it's 'higher than them.' The world is asleep but it's time to wake up. Everyone has a right to Life, Freedom, Joy & Peace. I can't stand seeing people deceived on such a global scale for nefarious gains. Shining a light on the colossal corruption & pedophilia epidemics. In the dark the cockroach thrives, but in the light it cannot survive.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more about the news! Definitely just spreading fear. Thank you for sharing such interesting articles. I think it’s great to have resources to stay sane in an insane world. As I see more and more people waking up I have hope for a new spiritual renaissance!

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