Say What You Mean

One thing I am NOT is vague.

I don’t beat around the bush, I’d rather tell it like it is.

Mean what you say & say what you mean.

The shortcut to authenticity.






Why Rejection Can Be a Good Thing

Rejection came up in a webinar I attended recently on chakras. And it got me thinking. It seems the general consensus towards rejection is sadness & disappointment.  I don’t feel it has to be that way.  I don’t see it as a bad thing!  As there is a reason for everything, there’s a reason you’re being rejected, or actually – redirected 😉

Trust the Universe ✨


There is nothing wrong with you.  When you look at things energetically, it makes sense. When you click with someone, really connect, it isn’t because they’re 6 feet tall with blond hair & green eyes.  It’s magnetic.  It’s electric.  Chemistry.  Unseen forces at work. Let go of your list of standards & requirements & follow your Energy.  It knows where to go ✨ It’s all about Energy, Vibration & Frequency.  Therein lie the Secrets of the Universe ✨

So if you are Rejected, Thank the Universe!  Something better is on the way 🙂




Antigua Sailing Week 2018 Festivities

Seems I booked my trip during some pretty exciting festivities that I really hope to partake in! It just so happens that it’s Antigua Sailing Week 2018!


50th Antigua Sailing week 2017
Past winners of the Lord Nelson Trophy return for the 2018 edition of Antigua Sailing Week & include Sir Hugh Bailey’s Team Rebel © Paul Wyeth/

Internationally acclaimed reggae artist, Tarrus Riley is headlining Reggae in the Park.


And every race morning at 9am, join Chase the Race with Wadadli Cats & enjoy a full day of chasing the race, sailing & partying beach side with all inclusive food and drinks!


Decisions, decisions!


Antigua: A True Caribbean Paradise ☮️

Calgon, please take me away. Five more days. Almost here 😉

🕉💞☮️ 🌅Finally🌅 ☮️💞🕉

English Harbour, Antigua

It’s time. And after one of the longest, most brutal winters I’ve lived through a really long time. Don’t I say ‘it was a brutal winter’ every winter though? It’s true, I cry inside each year from December to March. I remember the crazy winters growing up, the snow so high we couldn’t leave through the front door of our house & so cold we were skating on the iced-over streets! This one was one for the books though – we’ve been buried under snow since early December, with the -15’s hitting us from the get go. Blizzard after blizzard, with no relief – with one even announced this week – in the middle of April.


💘 I’ve been in love with the Caribbean since the first day my toes hit that sand.

And I’ve never felt more at home anywhere else. 


I’m completely mesmerized by Antigua. I cannot believe how gorgeous it is. It’s exactly how I’d picture a perfect paradise had I never seen one. And it’s gonna blow every other trip I’ve ever had right outta that turquoise oh so green water 😉

I’m not a ‘world traveler’ per se – I do travel as often as I can – I’ve pretty much just been rotating between 3 countries:

  • Cuba (Cayo Coco x 3, Cayo Guillermo x 2, Cayo Ensenachos)
  • Mexico (Cancun, Mayan Riviera, Tulum, Xel-Ha)
  • Dominican Republic (Puerto Plata, Sosua, Punta Cana x 4)

I even lived in the Caribbean for a year (during Montreal’s infamous ice storm in ’98!):

  • Eleuthera, Bahamas (Club Med bartender)
  • Providenciales (Provo), Turks & Caicos (Club Med bartender)

Happy to be ‘expanding my horizons’ this time around – a new experience helps the Soul grow 😉


To everyone, I say = TRAVEL!! It’s good for the Soul!





Friday 4/20: Happy Birthday Love Infusion©️ Inc.❣

This Friday, 4/20 is the official birth of Love Infusion©️ Inc. ❣

I am officially an entrepreneur 👧

Working on my designs & I’ll have some merchandise out by the summer. ❣❣

I love the colors in this one❣❣

#Happiness #Joy #Kindness #Harmony ‘Merchandise for the goofy spiritualist’

#Inspirational, #motivational, #empowering messages with great visuals – printed on any product you can imagine – from #totebags to #calendars to #greetingcards, #canvases, #prints & #posters, your #showercurtain or #tshirts to #iPad covers etc etc.

The #possibilities are endless!


I Did It: Goodbye Windows – Hello #Linux #Mint!

A world of difference!! 

Windows I’m done with ya! 

Can’t stand ya!


Reasons Why You Should Replace Windows With Linux Mint

Specs: Windows vs. Linux Mint

12 Reasons Why Linux Is Better Than Windows 10

So much better ❣

Pentagon Official Once Told Morley Safer That Reporters Who Believe the Government Are “Stupid”

Disrupting the Norm

Disrupt the ordinary. Never conform. Be an original.

Never one to follow the herd, I beat to the tune of a very different drum. I wonder sometimes, how come I knew to do that at such a young age? When so many are still in such a deep sleep? Is it all the trauma? Almost dying? That kind of stuff just jolts you awake?

I think so. That’s how it happened for me anyway.

But I wouldn’t change a thing 🙂 The best thing that ever happened to me was waking up. Every day I look forward to what kind of elegant mysteries & curious adventures the Universe will bring 😉



FTC Investigates: YouTube & Google: They Censor Opposing Political Views – but Pedophilia? No Problem!

You should fine the shit out of Google, one of the biggest breachers of privacy!

Senator Edward Markey is putting it very mildly. The privacy of children is already compromised on youtube – it’s a hunting ground for pedophiles. They take down channels that encourage thinking for yourself, but turn a blind eye (or are complicit) to the pedos. Where have you been? C’mon Juliana Gruenwald Henderson @ the FTC! Do nothing & you’re complicit. Sue the effin’ pants off of these deceiving propagandists. I implore you, do something; & after the surface cleanup, head down to the dark web – lots to cleanup down there. Don’t these people have kids of their own? 

There’s only one type of person that’d protect a pedophile: another pedophile.

I cry for all the children on this earth; robbed of their innocence, trust, their spirits crushed .. all at the hands of predators that the current constructs let roam free & bend over backwards to protect. Nothing grinds my gears more than the continual preying on children by a bunch of perverts who see nothing wrong with their perversions; & the protection of those depraved deviants. The very people supposed to be protecting the children, are doing anything but!

What if it was your child?!  Something must be done!

 Government, CIA, NSA = Weaponized SocialMedia = Weapons of Mass Confusion
= #Propaganda #Disinformation #Narrative #Agenda

The First Time I Noticed the Universe Might be Conspiring to Help Me

In my mid-twenties I started to wake up, & at 26, I got my dream job: bartending for Club Med in the Caribbean. Yeah baby! In May of 1997 I was off to Eleuthera, Bahamas for a 6 month contract – never having set a foot behind a bar. After 4 years of schlepping for a boring accounting firm, I had taken my bartending course at the ‘Master School of Bartending’ in Montreal.

Before I left, a friend lent me a book she thought I might like: “The Celestine Prophecy”:



“A compelling story of intrigue, suspense, & revelation, The Celestine Prophecy begins when an ancient manuscript is found amid ruins deep in the Peruvian jungle. Revealing nine key insights that are critical to the evolution of the human race, it contains secrets that are changing the world, & reveals how to make connections to events happening in listeners’ lives right now. The Celestine Prophecy comes to light at a time when the world deeply needs to hear its words.”


Barely 1/3 through before leaving, the main thing I took away from the book at that point: there is no such thing as coincidences. And the next thing you know I was off. And with about a million & a half things on my to-do list, I unknowingly left the book behind. After settling in quickly & learning the ropes, I really made myself at home. My first Club Med village was a family one, so we worked less hours then at the singles villages (like my next one, Turkoise – Providenciales, Turks & Caicos), so I had an easy day shift, 8am-4pm, with my nights free. The G.O.’s had a cool bar hangout off the resort, & there was a shuttle at 3am that brought us back to the club.

The book was a far distant memory at this point.

One night, after several drinks, mingling & dancing til the wee hours, I stumbled onto the shuttle bus that would take me back to get some sleep. After disembarking at the lobby I made by way towards my room, passing by the pool to dip my toes in. I walked past some lounge chairs, & in my path, right there in my path, the only one I could take, as it was sandwiched between the lounge chairs & the pool in a space maybe 2 feet wide, I stopped in my tracks. Right in front of me on the ground – where I’d hafta step on it or over it to get by, laid the book. The Celestine Prophecy. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I looked around, to see if anyone was perhaps passed out in a chair, having forgotten it. But alas, I was alone, there wasn’t a soul in sight. It was as though the Universe left it there for me, so I scooped it up & brought it to my room. I wound up finishing it quickly, knowing I was supposed to. And so began my journey of enlightenment.


There is NO such thing as coincidences. I’m convinced.

And looking at how far my awakening has come since then, I know for a fact I was meant to read that book. And the rest is history! The signs are everywhere if you pay attention 😉


I talk about the importance of enjoying life through experiences rather than the accumulation of things in my previous blog:

‘To Spend or Not To Spend: Experiences vs. Things’