My Favorite Place on Earth: Where the Sun, Sand & Sea Meet Me

The beach has always been my favorite place.

I’m in love with the Sun, Sand & Sea. They will forever call out to me.

Maybe it’s because I’m Canadian & I cry every winter; Montreal gets it pretty bad & this winter was no exception. Since December we’ve been buried under too much snow, enduring blizzard after blizzard & an average of about -15. And it didn’t shy away from the -20ish range either. And that’s Celsius. Yeah. Brutal.

Maybe it’s cuz the dude who drew the line separating Canada from the US drew it waaay too high. Must be the same guy who decided on 5 days of work & only 2 off. Jerk.

Salt water cures my Soul & it’ll cure yours too. GO! Soothe your Soul! Allow me to convince you with my previous post:

‘To Spend or Not To Spend: Experiences vs. Things.’

When the sun is shining, I’m smiling. When the waves crash upon the shore, I’ll be in there frolicking. Total relaxation in my paraíso 🙂 My only concern – which bartender to hit up for my next Mai Tai. This was our 4th trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic – cuz that beach is everything I want in a beach & more! Perfecto! You can walk for hours in either direction. I’ve been to Puerto Plata as well – but the beach kinda resembled Lake Ontario – not the baby blue sea & sparkling white sand I need loll Being able to see the mountains while on the beach was pretty cool though – seems I normally visit ‘sandbars in the ocean’ ..

Our fave was when we took the kids for a couple of weeks to the Mayan Riviera 2 years ago – a phenomenal trip. Normally I’m a sun worshiper; I live at the beach, barefoot in the sand with as little clothing as respectfully possible; always in close proximity to the beach bar – from sunrise til sunset. Especially if it’s only a 1 week vacay! But with the kids there, I got off my lazy ass & we did some excursions – Tulum – loved the ruins & the history of some of my favorite people – the Mayans & the Toltecs; & Xel-Ha – great snorkeling! I swam with a school of fish almost as big as me – first time & it was freakin’ awesome!! Rounding out a perfect day, their authentic Mexican fare & Mango Margaritas were delectable! We even enjoyed the downtown Playa del Carmen nightclub nightlife (up at 6:30am & with an all day full ‘Bubba cup’ I’m rarely awake past 10pm.) I never head south without my Bubba! A must have. Unless warm n sandy l’il plastic ones are what you’re into …

Many of the clubs are open air – so just strolling down the street you see everyone on the stages in the clubs dancing their little corazones out. They sure give Cancun a run for their money! Been there too, but wouldn’t go back unless I suddenly got the urge to see 18 yr old Americans puking in the streets at 8pm again loll And to top it all off, we discovered a diamond in the rough; this gem of a place in Playa del Carmen: ‘Los Tabernacos.’ Great little spot owned, managed & served by Quebecers. Dream job indeed. It was the end of May & the Montreal Canadiens made the playoffs & we enjoyed 3 fun-filled nights there eating, drinking & being merry. Great food, service & prices. Must return!


Cuba I’ve seen 6 times & I swore I was done with; 6 trips with me as Starvin’ Marvin’ ain’t grand! Cuba vacations are always a surefire way to lose weight for a picky gal like me. On my last trip there, I was finishing my breakfast on the beach; not able or wanting to finish my last sausage, I tossed it to a scrawny dog on the beach. He sniffed it & then he walked away! Even the dog won’t eat it?

Cuba really is a great little place with sweet people – the have so little but it makes them value the more important things in life – the things money can’t buy. I hope one day in the near future they invest in some spices & seasonings, & hey maybe even chefs. Yeah some good chefs. I do miss it, I know the island well & made a few amigos there; but I wanted ‘enjoying the food’ to be something I could do on vacation.

Check out my recent Cuban blog here: ‘An Enchanted Cuban Evening.’ And since we’re speaking of beaches: next month it’s a new adventure into uncharted territory! Yes please! Look at that beach!! Yeah baby 😉 That’s what I’m talking about!!

We’re off to Antigua 😉


Life as it should be.


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