Silence the Noise

Even the word annoys me. Noise. Noisy noise. Ugh. I find it so unpleasant.

Life is filled with an incredible amount of various types of noise.

What you let into your sphere is up to you. You choose.

Noise can be the chatter of those who try to tell you what to do.

It can be a hundred opinions of how you should live your life.

It can be the toxic kind that drains you or tries to dump it’s negativity on you.

It can be a city that never sleeps.

It can be voices in your head.








Let it all go.


All the voices, the opinions, the chatter ..

Silence it all.

For only in silence can you connect to the only truth for you.

Be still.

Go within.

All the answers you seek are there.

YOU are Everything.

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