An Enchanted Cuban Evening

As they made their final approach to Cuba, she sipped her spiced rum & seven, relishing the sweet, smooth taste of vanilla as she watched the sun rise over the Cuban Keys, or Cayos, en espanol. Two weeks in paradise was never enough – once there you never want to leave. It was her 7th trip to the island, & still, she hadn’t seen all it had to offer. A country, poor in ‘money’ by world standards, but rich in music, in love, in culture, in family, in values – all the things money can’t buy. With next to nothing, they are happy. They know what is most important in life.



They are rich in other ways. They are rich in better ways.



She laughed; that deep, soulful, laugh, the one you hear & you just know, somebody has a secret. She has a secret.

They landed at 9:45 am, & she stealthily exited the plane – a mere 5’4″ & no carry-on – her impatient exit strategy perfected more & more with each flight. Traveling solo was her favorite way to go. She was passionate soul, never making plans, instead seeing where the wind would take her. Plans hinder spontaneity, & she refused to interfere with where ‘chance’ would take her. She had somewhere important to be, & she had important people to see. No two times were alike, & she was alive with excitement as to how the day & night would unfold. She found her private driver outside, holding the traditional ‘name on a sign’, & shuffled quickly into the chariot that would whisk her off to paradise.


She laughed; that deep, soulful, laugh, the one you hear & you just know, somebody has a secret. She has a secret. And once check-in was complete, she grabbed what she needed for the day, & after a quick bite she was off to her backyard for half a month, la playa hermosa.


Sand so white, so fine, it glistened in the sun, blinding everyone not daring to wear shades. The soft, warm Caribbean breeze frolicked with her merrily, her hair dancing around her shoulders playfully. She smiled, & closed her eyes. She spun around, & down, sashaying down the beach, & into the waves she went. She disappeared into the stripes of color – the water a crystal clear baby blue, with stripes of green & turquoise too.


She laughed; that deep, soulful, laugh, the one you hear & you just know, somebody has a secret. She has a secret. 

She loved watching the palm trees that reached out from the shore & stretched out towards the sea swaying rhythmically in the salty air. The beach bar’s speakers grooved out a great tropical vibe with some reggaeton, & while the bartenders filled their cups with fine rum concoctions, people danced on the beach, in the waves, & in their hearts.


She danced in the water, she danced on the beach. When she danced you could see the freedom in her soul, & the happiness coursing through her veins – she had a joy that simply could not be contained.

Even when she stood still, her soul danced. Yes she had a secret. 


As she exited the water & headed for the beach bar to refill her empty cup, she felt the eyes on her, she saw all the smiles. But they were not looking at her beauty – at least not the outside one. Not the one that one fades – focusing on something so fleeting was not their style. Or hers. They knew. For they had a secret too.

All afternoon both the tunes & the rum flowed, & in every moment they lived extraordinary ecstasy. They radiated all that matters, in each moment enchanting endlessly. Yes, they found her captivating, emanating their shared secret, but it was she who was truly captivated by them, time & time again. 

And they danced the night away.

It is not the hand your dealt that is of importance, no. True wisdom lies in what one does with the hand they’re dealt with.

What are you doing with yours?


When you live in a land that has too much of every thing, but complains about everything, you watch people try to fill their empty void with more things, & then taking it all for granted. Cracks your world right open, & changes your perspective. 




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