Own a Smart Phone? You Should See This

Have you ever seen someone get hacked, & what they can see & do? You’re about to. We know it happens – but it’s pretty creepy to see it. Especially creepy is the IMSI-catcher (International Mobile Subscriber Identity-catcher), or Stingraya telephone eavesdropping device used for intercepting mobile phone traffic & tracking location data of mobile phone users.

Essentially a “fake” mobile tower acting between the target mobile phone & the service provider’s real towers, it’s considered a man-in-the-middle attack.

Check out ‘State of Surveillance’ with Edward Snowden & Shane Smith:

Stay Informed, Stay Aware. Thank you Edward Snowden, without you we may have never known this was going on. Integrity is seriously lacking in this world. I don’t care what anyone says, you’re a Hero to me. Those calling him a traitor are probably either the narrative-ridden MSM, the government, those exposed, those who want to continue being corrupt behind closed doors, & those too brainwashed to do anything but follow the narrative. In other words, I wouldn’t listen to anyone who calls him a traitor. He exposed something illegal. He is in the right. The government is in the wrong. 


Unless you plan on telling me that if I murder you, then tell your mother about it – and she turns me in – that SHE should go to jail, not ME? 

Yeah, didn’t think so. That’s the most preposterous utter bullshit I’ve ever heard. 

And exactly what’s going on here; there was no threat to national security – only a threat to them continuing to break the law in secret. ed1

~Think for Yourselves~


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We must Encourage, Inspire & Motivate each other. There’s way too much of the opposite & the world is suffering. A truly authentic person with good intentions will want you to 'rise high' - even if it's 'higher than them.' The world is asleep but it's time to wake up. Everyone has a right to Life, Freedom, Joy & Peace. I can't stand seeing people deceived on such a global scale for nefarious gains. Shining a light on the colossal corruption & pedophilia epidemics. In the dark the cockroach thrives, but in the light it cannot survive.

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