Conversant with the Tides of Life

Life is full of ups.

And life is full of downs.

How do you handle them?

The same?


Conversant with the waves, my metaphysical surfboard is always waxed & ready to go.

The secret?

It’s in how you handle ‘the downs.’

Everybody loves ‘the ups,’ & can handle ‘the ups.’

What if I told you you can increase your ups by how you handle your downs?

It’s all about attitude, & how you chose to look at things.

A very wise man once said:


Know that life is a school, we are in ‘Earth School.’ The ups are easy, fun. But the downs have a major purpose too: They offer us growth. For without challenges, obstacles & hardships, how would we learn, grow, evolve? We wouldn’t. So if you can start accepting these with an attitude of gratitude, & squeeze out all the wisdom from each moment, you’re well on your way!



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