Life is full of ups.

And life is full of downs.

How do you handle them?

The same?


Conversant with the waves, my metaphysical surfboard is always waxed & ready to go.

The secret?

It’s in how you handle ‘the downs.’

Everybody loves ‘the ups,’ & can handle ‘the ups.’

What if I told you you can increase your ups by how you handle your downs?

It’s all about attitude, & how you chose to look at things.

A very wise man once said:


Know that life is a school, we are in ‘Earth School.’ The ups are easy, fun. But the downs have a major purpose too: They offer us growth. For without challenges, obstacles & hardships, how would we learn, grow, evolve? We wouldn’t. So if you can start accepting these with an attitude of gratitude, & squeeze out all the wisdom from each moment, you’re well on your way!





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