Conflicts arise when people fiercely dictate to others how they think they should live. Sadly, many do this. And the belief that they have the right to dictate this is what I’d say is responsible for many of the conflicts in the world.

Why so serious?


Actually it is easy. Real easy. I’d rather be this than asleep 😉


Where’s the child-like wonder, the sense of discovery, adventure? The desire to create?

Why are people so afraid to burst out & just be themselves?

They’re worried about what people think of them.

Don’t. Let those who think you’re crazy walk off; they aren’t meant to be in your life any longer anyway.

Life filters them out. Life’s neat like that. 

The thing is, someone who truly cares about you; loves you unconditionally – would never want you to be like them. They’d want you to be like you. 

Never take anything too seriously. Even life. Especially life. 

We’re here to play.

So don’t worry.

Go on – Be yourself. 




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