People have been so hard on scientology lately. Are they getting a bad rap? Or is it all well deserved? They are Masters! Kings! Give these guys an award! Three awards! For they have perfected the Trifecta of Nasty Behavior!   ***Applause***

Scientology’s panties are in a bunch. They’re complaining about bigotry – anyone who talks negatively about them are ‘bigots.’ They’re clueless – we aren’t bigots, we see it for what it really is – we haven’t been ‘sheltered from the truth‘, as they have & are. “Someone is saying mean things about us!” Aww! Poor little scientology! Are they ok?? Are they afraid? Afraid for their safety? Afraid for their lives? Afraid for their loved ones? Aww, that must be awful!! What’s that like??

Oh wait, never mind. I’ll just ask a bunch of Ex-scientologists ..

.. or anyone that speaks out against them. They leave no person un-smeared. Which is actually a gift in a wayYou see, WHO they choose to smear helps us greatly. The ‘church’ doesn’t know this, of course, because they have zero self-awareness. If I went ahead & made a list of everyone they’ve smeared, the list I’d be holding would go by two names:

  1. A List of Everyone Scientology has Smeared.

  2. A List of Everyone who is Obviously Telling the Truth.

I just don’t understand people’s necessity for religion. The amount of killings & fraud “in the name of religion” is astounding.

When you get older & wiser and develop your self-awareness you realize that everything is connected in that we are all connected. You stop seeing divisions & labels & borders. Religion seems to want to divide people. Religions & scientology have that in common. The “You must do like us & think like us or else you can’t come into our private club.” Such BS. It’s nonsense. A lot of people say ‘Yes but there is some good in scientology.’ Yeah ok – but have you seen all of the bad shit they’ve done? Start with the Paulette Cooper story & Operation Clambake. That should light a fire under your ass.


It’s like saying ‘Oh I murder people from Monday to Friday but it’s ok cuz on the weekend I volunteer at an old folks home.’ Think if David Miscavige was arrested or died that it wouldn’t be as bad? I disagree – they bow to their king, L. Ron Hubbard & his policies. They have no choice but to follow the rules & policies he set up – it’s gospel to them. To me it’s the biggest bunch of bullshit I have ever heard in my entire life.


If you want to end your suffering & be happy you have to get to know yourself thoroughly. If you don’t want to get fucked over by other people you need to learn how to read them thoroughly. It’s all about awareness. Every single terrible thing in scientology all stems from fear. LRH was a man who was absolutely terrified. The more research I do & the more I learn about this man – who claimed to have the answers to everything – he is imo the very last person on this planet you should see any kind of guidance from. I don’t understand how people cannot see that the climate of fear he created amidst all the violence, controlling & manipulation. Zero trust. 24/7 spying with Kr’s (Knowledge Reports). In plain English – Tattletailing. How can anybody think that is in any way positive? I can hear the mini-violins when I see scientology claim they are being harassed; I’ve watched them do it over & over & over again to anyone & everyone who disagrees with them. This man, who claimed to have figured out the formula, albeit the most expensive formula I’ve ever heard of, for spiritual enlightenment & being the best you that you can be, couldn’t even figure out how to be a decent human being. He lacked social skills, he lacked self-awareness, he lacked wisdom, he lacked common sense – he is probably one of THE MOST messed up human beings I have ever studied. Yes, there have been many fucked-up human beings on this planet but usually they’re just fucked up in their own little area & the only people that suffer are those in their immediate surroundings. The difference with the diabolical LRH is that he tried to scam the entire world.

He stole people’s money, he stole people’s lives & he stole people’s children. He took away people’s freedom, their ability to think for themselves, their ability to create their own path & the ability to make mistakes, learn from them, grow, evolve & gain wisdom. To be quite honest there is absolutely nothing that is spiritually evolved in scientology – it’s actually the opposite of that. The total opposite of that. All of the rules & policies in scientology are that of a lost, confused, misguided, manipulative, paranoid, delusional, untrusting, controlling, misogynistic pedophile who thought that if a 7 yr old girl felt uncomfortable when a grown man kissed her – then the weird one was HER, not the man. WTF?

Their M.O.:


Good things speak for themselves. Bad things hide in the shadows. They scare you, force you, control & manipulate you. They never let you be, to make your own decisions. You walk on eggshells, on guard all the time. You never know what to expect. Sounds just like an abusive boyfriend doesn’t it? That’s because that’s pretty much exactly what this whole thing is. The inner working’s of a madman’s mind, that mushroomed into this cancerous thing. For someone who didn’t believe in psychology, he certainly exhibits several disorders psychology claims exist.  It’s very time & energy-consuming to weave & maintain a web of lies. They’re finally feeling a tiny percentage of what they’ve been doing to their members – sorry, their ‘piggy banks’ – for years. Decades. Some even longer. Everything that scientology is going through, & what’s to come, is the Universe paying them back in spades for their unethical, immoral & downright criminal behavior all these years. This is what we call a healthy dose of Karma. They cry wolf; Woe is me! Woe is me! Oblivious to the fact that every single thing they accuse others of doing, they do themselves.

It is strictly forbidden to criticize the ‘church’ in any way – nary a negative word is said – or even thought! When you try to control what someone else THINKS, you are seriously fucked up in the head. It’s beyond any fuckery I know. Anyone who speaks out against becomes a Suppressive Person, or a Potential Trouble Source, or any other invented lingo trying to give itself some validity & sound legit. If it WAS legit, you wouldn’t have to make it sound so. It would be obvious. Lucky for them, they’re able to keep many members off the net, or at least away from anything negative about co$: they are brainwashed into policing themselves & others. They isolate, control, demean, blame & shame members into submission; these are NOT the actions of a mature, respectful, emotionally stable, well-balanced individual, or organization.


See my previous blog:

Scientology: What the Judges Say

Although I’ve never been a scientologist, I’ve had to overcome a lot of trauma, abuse & injustice in life. I’ve been through my own terrible tornado of bullshit. If you learn, grow & evolve, you get wiser: you learn to read between the lines. After all, people communicate more non-verbally than verbally. You can train yourself to tune-in. An internal razor-sharp bullshit detector. Mine is in mint condition. If the critics were just spewing lies upon lies, as they claim, then NO, they WOULD NOT pay any attention to them. You know, the ‘don’t feed the trolls’ thing. The only reason one tries to shut another up is because they are about to reveal something about them they don’t want revealed. It’s so damn obvious. If you want to understand someone, don’t look at WHAT they do, look at WHY they’re doing it. Therein lies the truth. All of the rules & policies drawn up by L. Ron Hubbard are the most insecure, paranoid, immature, controlling, misogynistic, misguided, deranged, delusional, things I have ever heard. They can declare me the Queen of England if they like – it has no validity out here in the real world, just in their illusionary, fabricated, evil little bubble. 

Instead of being an organization that speaks for itself, with integrity; it goes as far as scrubbing the internet of negative stories. So instead of being good, they choose to continue being bad, & just erase the bad stories from existence, to further con people.





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