How Scientology Inc. Legally Cripples Its Own Members: The Four Unconscionable Contracts

The Scientology Money Project


Using the deliberately misleading and deceptive term “Church of Scientology,” Scientology Inc. likes to blather on about “disseminating the tech” in order to tell people just how wonderful Scientology is.

However, the actual Scientology documents presented in this essay will prove that Scientology Inc. acts with malice aforethought to legally cripple anyone foolish enough to join this incredibly fascist and dangerous organization.

The internal tyranny Scientology Inc. uses against its own members is the story of a cult taking a sledgehammer to the legal rights of Scientologists at every step of their path up what is dishonestly called the Bridge to Total Freedom.

Scientology Inc.’s internal fascism begins with a legally crippling intake system that is employed against all of its members when they first join the organization. This process begins by having the Scientologist sign four specific legal waivers. Each of these documents inherently demonstrates…

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