Land of Illusion

These are incredible times. Incredibly good. Incredibly trying. Everybody has the right to live this life. To feel #safe. To be #Happy. To feel #Love. We must accept our differences & let other people live their lives – as long as you are not hurting any people, animals or the planet – do whatever you like. Many push to have their own beliefs as the only right ones – to have everybody think or be like them – have you imagined a world of 8 billion people all a clone of one person ?

How does that look to you? Looks pretty crappy to me.

I only want to push you to think for yourself & create your own path.

When there is #harassment, #aggression, #violence & even #murder to cover up something that should not be happening in the first place – I take issue with that. How #whistleblowers are getting into trouble at all is beyond me – a whistleblower is somebody who’s doing the right thing by reporting something #illegal, #unethical, #immoral or just downright #criminal – they should be given a goddamn #medal.

Just take a step back, look at the bigger picture – don’t look at WHAT people are doing – look at WHY they’re doing it – you must #learn to see through things – to read between the lines – to navigate through the #static. Trust your #Intuition. Use it.

It’s a #Tool for you to sharpen & use to your advantage. #Peacefully & #Lovingly. I take issue with being lied to –  of the public being lied to – on a grand scale. I stand for those who are too scared to speak. The violence, the ugliness in the world is surrounding many big secrets. Whether it’s #Scientology, the #Catholic #church, the #pedophilia problem, #cannabis, #USAP’s, #UFO’s, ET’s, #CIA, #mainstreammedia .. the list goes on.

Now is the time to see through the #bullshit #lies #coverup #corruption

#WakeUp #WakeUpWorld #loveinfusion

#Spotlight #TheKeepers #ScientologyTheAftermath

#BigPicture #Matrix #LandOfIllusion

#loveinfusion ☮🕉

Published by Love Infusion©️

We must Encourage, Inspire & Motivate each other. There’s way too much of the opposite & the world is suffering. A truly authentic person with good intentions will want you to 'rise high' - even if it's 'higher than them.' The world is asleep but it's time to wake up. Everyone has a right to Life, Freedom, Joy & Peace. I can't stand seeing people deceived on such a global scale for nefarious gains. Shining a light on the colossal corruption & pedophilia epidemics. In the dark the cockroach thrives, but in the light it cannot survive.

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