The Impostor: L. Ron Hubbard’s True Colors

Magic? Manipulation? Mind-control?? The Smooth Operator & his Lucky Trifecta 🍀 There are maybe about 25,000–30,000 people on this planet who revere this one particular man. Like a God. They still salute his friggen statue 😂 That small group seems convinced. I don’t believe he is one. Far from it. Although he sure thought heContinue reading “The Impostor: L. Ron Hubbard’s True Colors”

Here’s Hoping Those in Need May Weather Their Storm

The United States sure knows how to waste money.  When I saw that the fight today was bringing in 1 Billion dollars, I bowed my head & closed my eyes.  I wondered what other people must think of that, like those in war torn countries, (usually at the hands of the United States themselves), thoseContinue reading “Here’s Hoping Those in Need May Weather Their Storm”

How One Man Fooled the World: Scientology’s Delusional LRH 

Picture this: California. 1947. A man is struggling, unable to cope in the world & losing his grip on reality. Lost, confused, he struggled with his demons. But not before playing with them first. It was 1947 when he reached out, pleading for psychiatric help.  He states that for two years he tried, unsuccessfully, toContinue reading “How One Man Fooled the World: Scientology’s Delusional LRH “