Want to Save the World? Expand Your Consciousness

Do you truly know what it is to be yourself? Totally genuinely authentically yourself? Go within – meditate – connect to your core being – your spirit – your soul – your self – call it whatever you like. Make sure that you follow your own path, your own heart.
Too many people are worried about what other people are doing – judging them, cursing them, hurting them & even killing them for their beliefs & the way they choose to live their lives & who they choose to sleep with & the color of their skin – IT’S 2017 HAVE WE MADE THAT LITTLE PROGRESS? As you’re not hurting anybody live your life any damn way you choose. I think it’s imperative that people disconnect from things & screens & even certain people & really reconnect with themselves. Go within – expand your consciousness – raise your vibration.You’re helping the world when you do this ❤🌊


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