The View is Lovely Down the Rabbit Hole ❤


May the house of cards crumble, may it try to catch the ball but fumble, may it trip down the stairs in a stumble. 
Tumble down old ways,
only Goodness & Love stays.

Good riddance corruption & lies, it’s time for the people to rise.
Exit the land of illusion, the matrix, the broken system.


Enter the mind-blowing, heart-expanding, soul-enhancing realm of infinite beauty & love that awaits everyone.

We all have access. How?
Believe it’s possible.



Smile :) You Wear it Well ∴

Freedom is knowing that we create in every moment. That our reality comes to be by what we think & believe. Remember that life is full of things that happen. Nothing negative or positive happens to you. Things just happen. It is you that attributes a negative or positive value to each thing, whether you’re conscious of it or not.

Life is a Treasure Chest, our existence a Treasure Hunt.

There is so much to tap into once you awaken to the realization that there’s something to tap into. You come with a built-in endless well. Magic is all around us all the time … energy, frequency & vibration – proven by science; invisible to the naked eye, much like wind & love. But we know they exist. 

Happiness is a state-of-mind. It’s a state-of-heart. It’s a state-of-Soul.

It’s a Decision. It’s a Feeling, inside of you. You can Choose it.

Don’t look to outside things to bring you something that you already have.


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