Your Thoughts & Beliefs ARE your Reality: Are You Really FREE? 🌊

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I’ve curiously & excitedly watched the veil chip away – gradually at first, then really accelerating, especially in the last 2 years. The decaying, disintegrating of layers & illusions- houses of cards crumbling around me as I stripped it all down; down to real, authentic, true 👣👣👣 It’s simultaneously the hardest, yet most rewarding & most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen / felt / experienced. Over & over & over again, with every lesson, every epiphany. challengesgrowth

In what I call the school of Universal Enlightenment, aka the Universe (I’ve been referring to myself as a ‘Student of the Universe’ for about 15 years), some lessons & levels you breeze through, others, not so much. ‘Earth School’ is what Dolores Cannon referred to this planet as. It’s definately been that for me! And the rabbit hole goes as deep & far as you want it to ..

On certain lessons I’m super clear & advance rapidly. Sometimes I revisit something, to a deeper level; once in a very blue moon I spin my tires in the mud. But I don’t stay stuck for long. All part of the journey ☀ 🌊 Waves 🌊 some are up, some are down. Learn to Surf 😉 One day at a time 🚪

Enjoy the good times with a smile on your face 🙂 When you master keeping that smile on your face during the bad times-well now you’re onto something! 

Be grateful to the Universe for the opportunities to learn, grow & evolve. Aka the ‘bad times’. 

Watch your life transform ☀

The endless well of Love & Joy inside I’ve connected to – so deep, so rich – fuels me on my mission. I will blog as long as I have a story to tell, about my journey, if it can help one Soul. I’ve come so far, so much has been revealed; I can’t sit quietly and turn a blind eye when I see people suffering through something I was able to overcome.
Sometimes I feel there can’t possibly be much veil left – instantly my awareness tugs at me – there is always more to learn / know / see / experience-there is no limit to how deep down the rabbit hole you can go. Actually, maybe ONE- You. You will only go as far as what you tell yourself exists / is possible. 

All my life I’ve believed anything was possible. Why not?! Why? BECAUSE I CAN. I decide. I choose. Doing so opened up all possibilities. What a world I see!


This quote is on a magnet on my fridge, eye-level, so it is infused into my conscious & sub-conscious mind on a daily basis.  Self-hypnosis 🔮
It’s one of my favorite quotes. Such an important truth/lesson for me. A real gem.
This one was KEY.

This wisdom is of fundamental, foundational importance in my spiritual journey, my growth, enlightenment & Soul Evolution.  And so much else stemmed from this!  Fully understanding the depth of it, made me also realize it’s utter simplicity. The simplicity of it all is so intensely mind-boggling. It’s so simple I can barely explain it ..

This week I watched the doc series “Drugs, Inc.”, for this week’s ‘understanding people.’ I am only drawn to documentaries, non fiction & biographies. It’s been years since I watched the news, last year I cancelled my cable, I don’t watch any sitcoms. What an eye-opener that was. Humans can be equally fascinating & disturbing. I’ve been studying people for years – it was a defense mechanism at first. I never wanted to go through anything as traumatic as the stuff I had already survived ever again. I learned to ‘read between the lines.’ Studied body language, learned to sharpen & use my instinct. Took a Quantum Medicine class, which led me to Quantum Physics. Started learning about Energy.

It was hard watching people spend their life running from the key that unlocks their prison door.

The thing they won’t face drives them to self-medicate the pain away, they lose everything, live on the street, knocking on death’s door. Like watching someone stuck in quicksand, not knowing they had a cord around their waist & could have pulled themselves out at anytime. THE CORD IS THIS:

Looking at your suffering/your pain, is the WAY OUT of your suffering/pain.  You gotta get real, dig in, go to the root of the pain, deal, heal & move on. 

I wanted to crawl into my fuckin TV to help these people. I cannot sit back & watch people stuck on a hamster wheel of repetition & broken records, an eternal groundhog day that is completely unnecessary & of their own creation. It hurts me so much that I can’t free them, I hafta try. Never give up.They could have just had a bad month/year/past – by NOT DEALING, they are unconsciously keeping it constantly in their present. Getting high & escaping doesn’t solve a damn thing. When you sober up, your issue/problem will still be there. A vicious, vicious cycle..

Never leave a fallen warrior behind.

These words have echoed inside my consciousness for years. It’s no accident that I went through a shitstorm of crap.  I now know I’m meant to use it to fulfill a certain part of my mission.
Even though I know each Soul must get there on their own, in their own way, in their own time & by their own Epiphany, I still choose to be a gardener of awareness – planting seeds where ever I go.
Quantum Physics, science, spirituality, mysticism, mind over matter, the power of positivity,  The Inevitable Merging of Science & Spirituality , the placebo / nocebo effect ..

Your state of mind becomes your reality.  What you tell yourself is what is.

The fact is we all are Alchemists, Creators .. we all have the ability to sharpen our psychic abilities – with practice, intention.

Does anyone else find it funny, that the words PSYCHIC & PHYSICS are so similar ? Merge already!

I now see all my truths / lessons / epiphanies connecting – an orchestra playing a symphony of Beauty, Love, Peace, Harmony, Unity, Energies, Frequencies, Vibrations – like pieces of a puzzle that effortlessly fit together; like magnets, drawn to where they belong, falling into place. Revealing a mysterious, elegantly intriguing, witty, clever, pulse of life energy that is the universe, or multiverse, or the creator of all of the above.
All done from a place of Love & non-judgement; so focused on teaching you lessons so you can grow. So much kindness, so much love. Learn, Grow, Evolve. That’s a big point of why we’re here.  I feel I can help speed it up for others by helping more people truly grasp this – perhaps the world wouldn’t be in such a state of disarray.  It won’t always be, don’t worry 😉


Every Soul must face themselves, heal themselves. The more of us that get there, the faster we get there as a whole.  We energetically raise the vibration of the collective. When we’ve all done the work, healed, learned, grew, evolved, & operate from the endless well of Love, Peace, Joy, Harmony & Unity – the world will know Peace; if we’re still on this planet when that arrives – will Mother Earth be able to sustain us for however long that takes?

Sometimes people run away from things that scare them, stress them, things they should be facing. But what they are choosing actually delivers the opposite of what they want. They don’t know that that’s the long way home. The one thing they are avoiding is the one thing that will set them free. It’s weird – like a backwards bizarro world sometimes;  of impressions, perceptions, layers, reflections, masks, mirrors … of circles, spirals, lessons, epiphanies, opposites, ironies .. A Masterpiece. Navigating through all that on a daily basis is a lot of work. But there is a purposeThe reason something scares you or stresses you, is because it’s a learning experience that you need to go through to grow. You need to know this – if you want to end your suffering.  Change the way you look at things so you wind up showing them gratitude when they arrive in your life.

The good, makes life great. The bad will make life BETTER. strength.jpg

You are such a Powerful Force. You are Energy. Start looking at things energetically. Tune into the frequencies & vibrations all around you. Create. Do it every day. You’re already doing it without realizing it, so might as well get conscious about it & create the life you want. Set intentions. Visualize what you want as already here, and it will be. There really is no reality until you ‘think it into existence’.


Every thought / belief  gives birth to your world.  In every moment.


 So many people are still trapped in the Matrix -fooled, controlled, asleep & unaware – completely oblivious to the sheer amount of power they have. They complain, they suffer, they hurt, they blame the world for the crap in their lives. To me, that is the definition of hell right there.


There is still a desire deep within me to help my fellow Souls free themselves from the prison they don’t know they’re in. It might work. Might is enough to get me to try. Might also just be another facet of my Patience Life Lesson 😛
EVERY SINGLE SECOND OF EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY HOUR OF EVERY DAY YOU ARE MAKING CHOICES & THINKING THOUGHTS.  REALITY IS A CONSTANT CREATION BY YOU, FOR YOU. Whatever you tell yourself in your head in one moment – instantly becomes your reality. Don’t like your reality? It’s ok! Cuz here’s another moment right now. Create again!
Watching all these cosmic dots connecting .. it’s like magic! So much more makes sense. Everything is falling into place; an exquisite dance of love, perfection.  i can see the direction we’re going in. There is nothing to fear. Fear is a creation of the mind. I think I popped out of the Matrix in a forest on a camping trip, on a very sunny summer day, contemplating our existence, the Universe, & the meaning of it all – just a usual day for me – when suddenly it hit me – What if this is all just a type of video game – and at anytime I can just hit the reset button & start over?!  Well, in a sense, it is ..

Soon Quantum Physics will be comin’ ’round the mountain to blow your mind into cosmic splithereens.

QUESTION EVERYTHING. Never lose your childlike sense of wonder 🙂


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We must Encourage, Inspire & Motivate each other. There’s way too much of the opposite & the world is suffering. A truly authentic person with good intentions will want you to 'rise high' - even if it's 'higher than them.' The world is asleep but it's time to wake up. Everyone has a right to Life, Freedom, Joy & Peace. I can't stand seeing people deceived on such a global scale for nefarious gains. Shining a light on the colossal corruption & pedophilia epidemics. In the dark the cockroach thrives, but in the light it cannot survive.

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