A Call to Action: Support Cannabis Culture’s Montreal entrance.

Who’s up for a #Twitterstorm ? #CannabisCulture made it’s #Montreal entrance yesterday, where people waited hours in line in -35 degree temperatures to see history being made. Marc Emery & Jodie Emery plan to open 8-10 shops around town. Now is the time to show our support, join me in tweeting & emailing the #MontrealPolice #SPVM & the mayor #DenisCoderre 

From CC website:

“Tell the mayor and police of Montreal you support Cannabis Culture by contacting officials at the links below.

• Call the Mayor at 514-868-5531

Write a message to the Mayor

Tweet at the Mayor

• Contact the Montreal Police at 514-280-2222

Write a message to the Police

Tweet at the Montreal police

Please be polite and let them know marijuana users are peaceful people who should not be arrested.  The people of Montreal have a right to purchase quality cannabis from a safe place and should not be forced to purchase from the black market.”

(Source: http://www.cannabisculture.com/content/2016/12/15/call-action-contact-montreals-mayor-show-support-cannabis-culture )

Cannabis has never killed anyone in the history of time & people. Ever. How can you say it’s bad?  With a straight face?  
#BigPharma is bad. They kill hundreds of thousands of people per year. No comparison! I’ll never take their pills again! I’m living proof – I had #PTSD & they put me on Effexor & Celexa (both have since been recalled btw) – but they made me worse. When I reported this to my doctor he upped the prescription .. walked out, tore it up, & then discovered marijuana. Finally I could eat. Sleep. Relax. Stop being afraid. Live again. Cannabis Heals. #FreeTheMedicine #FreeTheHerb #LegalizeIt #CannabisHeals 


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